Prison Empire Tycoon Mod Apk Latest Version 2022 (Unlimited Money/Gems)
Build a comfortable prison by playing prison empire tycoon mod apk. Hold reins of the business and become rich reforming prisoners around the world.
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Prison empire tycoon mod apk is actually a prisoner’s management free simulated game that was released by Codigames. It is revolving around the idea of business establishment strategies and how you can run your own private and profitable business. As its name shows this is a criminal place but all you need to do is keep an eye on activities in jail and turn this place into your business.

prison empire tycoon mod apk

In this game, you have to actively take place in prison management strategies by working and expanding prison, upgrading the bedrooms, kitchen shelves support grounds and all the basic needs of prisoners. This game can easily be installed on any android device.


The game has a different task with a particular storyline that gratified its players. To upgrade the old prison into a new one, you have to manage much work and perform many tasks along with your team. Startup your business from a very little step and with very little security, then work properly and effectively.

Consider yourself a tycoon, take startup intelligently, pay full attention to work for the betterment of your future. Find out what you need to change and which new ideas you can implement for your business growth.

Lead your staff well and instruct them to take care of the prisoner’s life. Provide them all their basic and psychological needs for survival which prevent your jailbirds to escape. Also, let them help to reunite with the community by educating them. Having support from the society and government help prisoners to survive well and rehabilitate in a very short time.

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If you ask me to describe the main theme of the game in one line, I would say that “You have to build a strong reputation in front of your workers by doing great things for prisoners and show yourself as a business tycoon”.

Features of Prison Empire Tycoon Mod Apk

There are plenty of great features that will surely impress you and fall in love with this outstanding game. Let’s discuss some great features one by one.



Basic Needs

The life of jailbirds is most important in prison. For the betterment of the prisoner, ensure the basic need of every jailbird. You can upgrade it by expanding kitchen areas, hiring professional staff, improvement of furniture, building a support ground, and installing some phone booths.

prison empire tycoon apk latest version

Staff Management

Your prison will need effective and professional team members with basic ethics of a good life. Observe the circumstances and hire well-mannered and professional staff depending on your working strategy. Provide security equipment to guards, doctors, and chief because the health of your jailbirds are much important.

Every department should hold the basics. The better ground you provide the staff, the better the staff will perform and helps you to establish your business well.

Investment In Facilities

Your staff and jailbirds will need a manager having a strong sense of humor for the betterment of prison to provide facilities to Jailbirds. Improvement in departmental staff is needed to have a better working environment, room maintenance, kitchen, offices, and laundry rooms.

Improve their support ground, add cell module, water and electricity supplies and add some cafeterias. Reforming is necessary for the happiness of convicts.

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Rehabilitation Of Jailbirds

After upgrading and expanding the prison, your prison should be more fascinating, reliable, and rehabilitated in the community. This all will be better when you invest properly in its progress, educate your prisoner to do work in multiple communities, work on the enhancement of their skills so they get the strong sense to utilize it and bring you more profit.

Let them help society as well. This way you can run your prisoner business effectively and gain more profit. Help your jailbirds back to the community and build a strong reputation among them.

download prison empire tycoon for android

Prisoner’s  Safety

Get a strong reputation by avoiding/controlling any internal or external conflicts in prison among jailbirds. Keep your prison safe and run your business intelligently. Make your jailbirds happy and take care of their basic needs. Provide them the best security and give them proper rights to live.

Keep eye on them and do not let them escape. If isolation rooms are necessary, build them. Otherwise, If they escape, you will be in danger.

Visual and Sound Quality

Prison Empire Tycoon Mod Apk is enriched with superb graphics and quality. Let me share my experience with you.


Prison empire tycoon Mod apk users will find this game so amazing and entertaining. Interesting quality graphics loaded with thrilling features inspire users to play this again and again. They will have fun while engaging themselves in this free-stimulated gameplay.


Music and Sound Quality

With all these interesting features the prison empire tycoon mod apk is also giving an option of music which is considered one of the important features for its audience to have fun. Audio experience leads you to wonderful storylines.


Get a start-up with a very small prison and do hard work to build and maintain your reputation for further establishment. Expand your prison in all directions and make it well for others. Just remember your desirable strategy will influence your penitentiary. All players of prison empire tycoon mod apk will find themselves involved in the amazing world of this stimulating gameplay.

This game helps you to understand how to make strategies for growing your business and how to become a well-established business tycoon. With its free and unlocked version, you will enjoy its feature more. 


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