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Install and run this app on two Android devices: one for displaying the game (VR Headset or Android TV) and one for controlling the game (Android Controller).

An Android app in the form of a Bluetooth Gamepad turns your Android Phone into a Bluetooth Gamepad, which allows you to control your VR Headset or Android TV with the help of the controller

The Bluetooth technology. If you touch the buttons on the phone, the phone will vibrate in response.

A bridge between two Android devices can be created using this application. One device will be used to display the game and the other one will be used to control the game.

A Bluetooth gamepad can be used with a VR headset (Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and other VR headsets) or an Android TV with the Android operating system.

Using the Standard Gamepad Layout, this application will be compatible with a wide variety of games as it uses the Standard Gamepad Layout. There are now a number of games that you can download from Google Play, the Oculus store… (some of them).

There is no proper Gamepad support in the games. Here’s how to use it:

In order for the application to work, two Android devices must be used, one for displaying the game, and another for controlling the game

The application should be installed on both devices and run on them at the same time

The first thing you need to do is to pair two devices via Bluetooth, change the default input method of the keyboard (watch the instructions video), then you are ready to play the game.

If you are experiencing problems with this app, please restart this app on both phones and try it again.

There is a possibility that this application may not be able to support certain games due to its Standard Gamepad Layout.

Only some keys were supported in some special games (up/down/left/right, jump, fire, reload, etc.). The following is a list of the games that are supported:

Tested with [Bluetooth Gamepad], and it worked well.

 This is a hardcoded VR game (forward/back/left/right, Y – fire, A – jump, B – change weapon).

 VR Temple Run (forwards, backward, lefts, and rights)

 Set up Zombiestan VR’s gamepad in Settings before playing.

 You can use the arrow keys for forward, backward, left, and right, or use the A and Y keys to fire.

  1.  The Star VR Racer (move by pressing up/down)
  2.  X, A, and Y correspond to the strike and B corresponds to the exit in Smash VR.
  3.  Virtual Sniper (B – zoom, X – fire)
  4.  (Left/Right) JetFlyHigh
  5.  Cardboard of Nitro Nation (left/right/up)
  6.  B is to run, X is to go to the menu in House of Terror VR
  7.  Virtual Reality Fantasy (forward/back/left/right, X – strike)
  8.  Dark Inside VR (forwards/backwards/lefts/rights)
  9.  VR Alien Attack (X-fire)
  10.  Virtual Reality Sharks (forward/backwards/left/right, Y,B)
  11.  VR Crossy (jump with A)
  12.  A – Fire (Snow Strike VR)
  13.  VR skate shooter (A – fire)
  14. VR jump in Jurrasic World

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