Banana Kong Mod Apk 2022 Latest Version (Unlimited Money/Heart)
Download Experience the fun and exciting gameplay in Banana kong mod apk. Play as a fat monkey that gets energy by eating bananas. Play today!
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Monkey love bananas and this is no secret anymore. So, the same is the case with our game as well name as banana kong mod apk. The is all about an endless run by a Kong. This game was released in 2013 by the EGD games.

bananaa kong mod

You will play this game as a big fat gorilla running from banana peel landside. On his way running, he is still eating more bananas as much as possible to gain health and go through different tasks. It is quite addicting once you start playing.

Classic Gameplay

The mobile game has a vast variety these days and you will find endless options to choose from on our website. But one of the most addicting genres is an endless run without sleeping is just like banana kong. Just because you keep on going with waiting for the new level to be uploaded or game to bring a new season. This makes this game even more addictive and fun to play. This is the best game to kill time especially on days like when you can’t go out more.

How to Play

Banana Kong mod is a very great game to play. All you need to do is use the jump button to over obstacles. Hold the button to glide through the air. Use the swipe to land back on the ground. With these simple game controls, it is a nice game for even kids to play as well.

banana kong apk

You can pause the game if you feel fired with an endless runs. Have a break and then go again. All in all, it is a very simple and easy to play a game.

Amazing Features of Banana Kong Mod Apk

Although we said that it is a very easy and simple game. But that does not mean it will make you bored. This game offers some really amazing features that are below. Check out these and I believe you will love playing this one.

Kong Friends

To maintain the level of excitement, kong will have few friends. Along the way to help him through difficult situations. For example birds like toucan can help Kong to fly over the abyss. This looks really amazing, the bird is holding the big gorilla in his Claus and flying him away. Other than birds, there are boars that can help Kong speed up and run away from the enemies really fast.

Different Terrains in Banana Kong Mod Apk

To add more excitement to the endless run, the developers of the game have added different types of terrains. Just like Kong will run through the green forest. After that, he could be running through a tunnel or maybe going through the water river.

download banana kong unlimited money

The more you play, the harder the obstacles become. And with a variety of scenes and themes on different terrains, the run does not feel boring at all. And you are enjoying every bit of it.

Background Details

Details on the background are arranged very nicely. The colors used are on point and engaging. While going through the tunnel, the background makes it realistic with the addition of different themes. Big green trees or lush green grass and flowers make it a complete package for a forest theme.

Kong Himself

The baby Kong himself looks cute, he is chubby and lovely. He has a big belly. In spite of his chubbiness, his movements are still very smooth and quick, whether on land or in water.

banana kong

Banana Peel

While running and eating bananas on the way, don’t forget the big heap of banana peel rushing behind you. If you go slow or stop at any point, the banana peel can overflow and take you with it. So, be quick and do not let your Kong friend be buried in the peel pool.

Power Up and Speed Boost in Banana Kong Mod Apk

In banana Kong, mod apk offers you many power boosts along the way. To enjoy the extra power all you need to do is to eat as many bananas as you can. Try to get those bananas that are hanging high up. This will earn you extra points and bonus powers. Maybe it is a high jump or extra speed. These powers will help you to overcome difficult levels.

Free to Download

This game has all the features of a normal game and as explained earlier, all these amazing features will make you feel excited and interesting. You will get this game totally free of cost. Yes, with its unlimited features you are also allowed to download this mod APK version without paying anything. So, why wait to download it now!

Visual and Sound in Banana Kong Mod Apk


Banana Kong has simple yet 3D graphics.  The fun and exhilarating art design and characters will make you enjoy the run add more. The HD display support will make the game extra immersive and interesting for the users. You can play Angry Birds 2 and Angry Birds Classic game with similar graphics

banana kong hack version

Sound and Music

Enjoy the banana Kong game more and get addicted to its lovely soundtrack. The sound effects used in the game are intuitive throughout the run. The music is in sync with the rhythm of the game very beautifully and in a very fine way that makes you feel everything real.

Mod Feature of Banana Kong

In the mod version, you will be granted unlimited numbers of bananas. And this means you will be able t,o play as long as you want. Stop worrying about dying while going through a difficult patch. Just keep on trying again and again.

banana kong mod version

And you will get through it. Also, you will have some extra powers for your Kong to get through worse. So, no matter what happens you will the head of this game. You will become an unstoppable force in the game with the Mod APK version.


When all of us are tried by playing shooting or action games then we start looking for a game that is simple yet includes many features that keep you interested and you will not be felt bored by playing it then you will find a game Banana Kong Mod APK. In this game, you can enjoy all the features of the famous past game “banana Kong Blast” with some great addition to it.

So, enjoy the original game and adventure of the Kong and play whenever you want to play. You can save your progress through google or a cloud account. And start right where you left the day before. Plus, this game is free to download as well. So, why not give it a try I assure you will fall in love with the cut banana Kong in no time.


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