Angry Birds 2 Mod Apk 2022 (Unlimited Money/Energy)

After the first successful version, angry birds 2 mod apk is now on the market to entertain you with unlimited money and energy. Download it today to experience the best 3D graphics and many interesting levels.
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After receiving a lot of appreciation and downloads from the players all around the world, Rovio Entertainment Corporation came up with another amazing episode of angry bird 2. If you have experience playing the legendary game Angry Birds classic, then surely angry birds 2 mod apk will catch your interest.  

The theme remained the same mean this time again nasty pigs are after the eggs of birds and you have to retrieve bird’s eggs with the power of amazing birds. Angry birds 2 as its sequel, came with some more interesting features that take the game to the next level.


After the defeat of pigs from our heroes in its first version Angry Bird Cassic, all birds were living on the island happily. With their success, there was a wave of peace all around and pigs don’t even dare again to get close to precious birds anymore. Everything was going normal but one-day pigs come back and attack suddenly. As the opposite side was not ready for this sudden attack, the win goes to the pig’s side and they stole all the precious eggs again.

Now it’s time for war again and teach these nasty pigs a lesson so they don’t even think to attach.  Another thing is this time you have to defend your former heroes as well who fought bravely and made history in the first version. You were a champion time so you have to defend your title as well.

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Features of Angry Birds 2 Mod Apk

Like its previous version, this game came again with exciting features. Let’s discuss these interesting features one by one.

Refreshing Story

Experience a new storyline in angry bird 2 mod apk with new amazing characters and events. You will enjoy some amazing events in your journey with mysterious Bacon Corp. In a new version, there is an Eagle Force whose task is to protect the world and bring peace to its residents. Also, you need to search for dungeon keys that have been kept safe for generations. In short, you will enjoy a new story through a series of heavy battles in every episode.

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Choose your Favourite Birds

You can collect your favorite birds by collecting eggs through different missions or you can purchase those. If you want new ones, you can spend some time incubating them. This process will hatch some more for you. Surround yourself with a bird’s warriors and make a team to fight. For this, you can unlock the bird’s special power by evolving them into stronger forms.

Online mode in Angry Birds 2 Mod Apk

If you want to get more competition and test your fighting skills, you may join battles online in the game. In online mode, you will fight against real people around the world. You can even challenge them in this exciting gameplay and check your skills in tournaments, Pinball battles, and leagues. Win from those and get the first position on the ranking table and get more money.

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Different birds

On being launched, the company said that angry birds 2 mod apk features over 100 different species of birds that are completely unique in power and have different abilities. You can enjoy the power of Red, Chuck, Bob, Matilda, and many others. Just select the best one that you like the most and put it in your team for the next fight.

Annoying Pigs

Don’t underestimate the power of your opponent. Prepare yourself against your rivals and make a strong defense for those. Plan your attacks carefully so they don’t even find time to strike back. Use your intelligence and do tricks to take down the annoying pigs when they are blocking your way. As I told you, your opponents have skills too as you have so be careful otherwise your teammates will get damaged by the mighty pig’s attack.

Simple Combat in Angry Birds 2 Mod Apk

This game is your aiming skill test. You can give the maximum damage to your opponent by aiming your birds towards pigs in the best direction. Remember it’s not simple and easy. You require strong skills and a lot of experience to get the best direction. When reaching higher levels, this even becomes more difficult and one who has a lot of practice can win only. At every level, more obstacles are waiting for your to slow down your speed against your enemies and one with strong analytical thinking and experience can destroy his enemy.

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Clan System in Angry Birds 2 Mod Apk

The new feature allows players to create or join an existing clan along with their friends or team for a group fighting. In this way, You can challenge other clans on the island, defeat them all in battles and become the best in the town.

Weekly Events

In angry Bird 2 mod apk, you can enjoy the different weekly events that are offered by the game along with normal gameplay. With these events, you can collect many prizes for your team and experience heavy combat.

Free to play

With these amazing features, angry birds’ evolution is currently free for all people. You can easily install it from the google play store. You just have to pay for the in-app purchases but thanks to our team, With our mod apk file, you can enjoy unlimited money to purchase everything that you need to purchase.

Levels in Angry Birds 2 Mod Apk

This masterpiece is coming with more than 1600 levels. The biggest challenge you will face in the game is 3- stars earner which is very much interesting and also difficult as well. You will get stronger and gain more skills when you enter this into the competition.

Visuals and Sound

The company tried its best to give you unique 3D graphics. With more dynamic gameplay from the first version, you will find more in-depth battles and a refreshing experience with the game. During the combat, high visual effects will make your war more interesting. The game’s graphics are not lagging on any scene.

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If you have already played the angry birds classic, you will notice that this version is brighter than its successor. Everything is designed very well and sunshine, rain, explosions, and scenes look real. What I observe while playing the game is birds and pigs have expressions on their faces according to the scenario. You will observe fear in their faces when they are under attack, angry expressions on birds’ faces when their eggs are being robbed and happiness when they fight and win.

Mod Version of Angry Birds 2 Mod Apk

The mod/cheat version for android will give you the following exclusive features.

Unlimited Money

With the mod features, you will have access to 2 types of money. One is unlimited Black Pearls and the other is infinite Gems. When you have unlimited all things, you will never worry about money and you can buy anything that you need in the game to win.

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Unlimited Energy

When you are going to higher levels of games, you must have unlimited energy to survive yourself in those hard levels. . This hack feature gives you an option for unlimited energy so you get involved in the game without losing it and play for a long time until you get bored.


Angry Birds 2 mod apk is no doubt a great step from the company. Graphics and sounds are very much improved from the original game. 3D graphics used by the developer makes it interesting to play. Everything is fine and up to date so there is no reason why you should not give it a try.



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