Smashy Road Wanted Mod Apk 2022 v (Unlimited Money)

Download smashy road mod apk and experience the fast driving in the cities and deserts. You are wanted, save yourself from police cops with different unlocked vehicles.
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During this digital time, everyone loves to stay home all the time and do work from home. Why not make this special time fun and relaxing with fast driving. For this reason, Bearbit Studios made a smashy road  mod apk for you so you can enjoy each second at the home without getting bored.

crossy road wanted


In this game, you have to do a very fast ride and try to get out of the cop’s hands. Many police cars chase you to catch but you have to show extra skills to avoid being caught. You have to put all your energy to get rid of them. The interesting thing is
there are many types of terrain for you to show your skills. You will be able to try your luck in the desert sand, street roads, and even in a green garden as well.

With so many amazing ride areas, you have a huge collection of cars as well to choose from for each race. The game also offers you many upgrades for your cars as well and with those upgrades, they will be more capable to run from police.

The more you will go to higher levels, the more there you will enjoy exciting car racing. Because in higher levels, with many upgrades your vehicle will also get better for fast driving and there will be more police tailing you.

Interesting Feature of Smashy Road Mod Apk

While playing, I found many interesting features that I believe you will also love with during playing the game. Let’s quickly dive into those special ones.

Enjoy Fun racing Experience

If you have already played GTA and Need For Speed earlier in your childhood, then you will not face any kind of problem controlling the vehicle at any stage. You have to do quick decisions in order to escape from the police. Otherwise, they are well trained and catch you within no time.

With fast driving, you must have a good experience in drifting because in sharp turns, it will smash with road borders and your speed will decrease. So to give a tough time to the police, you must have some driving skills. For this reason, there are basic levels in the start that will sit your hand in the game, and surely you will perform well in higher levels.

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Large Collection of Vehicles

To avoid police cars and help you in a critical situation, you definitely need a large collection of vehicles that are more good than police cars. In this game, you have access to more than 90 different vehicles with different specs. You have access to all those one by one by completing more and more levels.

There is another way to get all these vehicles before their time but for that, you will have to pay. So, If you want a quick start, you can access all these games by purchasing. If you want to play a game where there is are many different vehicles, then you should play a farming simulator game.

Random Maps in Smashy Road Mod Apk

Like all other racing cars, if you play them for some time, you will memorize their map by playing 2-3 rounds of a level but you can’t do this in this game. Maps are unpredictable in this game and that’s why you can’t memorize those randomly generated maps. If you are playing for many hours, even then you can’t memorize them no matter how genius you are.

With this feature, you will experience fresh gameplay every time and you never know what comes next in the map to hit you. So you have to focus and pay attention every time because it will need your concentration to win.

Get Luck With Secret Locations

The other great thing about this game is its secret locations. While playing you can get a secret location on some level that will help you to get rid of police chasers. As I told you earlier, there is nothing fixed in this game like other racing games. Maybe you don’t get any secret location on any level. So it’s your luck if you find it while playing. If you get it, believe me, you will gain more benefits from the game and will play longer than usual.

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Play Online With The World

Smashy road mod apk an online playing feature as well. This means you can also play this game with your friends. Just create your account in the game and show your skills and achievements to the world.

In crossy road wanted, there will be a leatherboard that will show your progress and ranking to other players. So with every success that you will get in the game, the more you get power in the leaderboard. Other players will also be afraid of your skills by watching your score on the leatherboard. The game is also connected with social media accounts like Facebook that will tell you which player is in this game is from there.

Visuals and Sound in Smashy Road Mod Apk


Graphics and visuals that are used in the game are extremely friendly. People of any age can play this game without getting bored. The reviews on the official web page show that not even small children love to play but many adults and young people love to spend time on this game and ask developers to add more functionalities and levels in the game.

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Along with this, the game features a large collection of maps with different designs and structures. When you will do fun in the desert, there will be endless sand you will face. Similarly, when you will be in the city, everything will be changed. You will see a lot of other cars on the road, buildings, and people. Everything is like the real world.

With such awesome graphics, the game does not lag anywhere while playing. We have tested it on many devices and found a 0 percent screen stuck ratio and that is amazing. So if you have an old android phone, you can still play this game. To save your eyes, the colors used are very clear and natural.


The music of the gameplay maintains its ranking on screen. It is quite smooth and peaceful when you are not being chased by police but if police start chasing you the music of the gameplay will be fast and threatening. This sudden change in music will make your taste in the game.

Hack Version of Smashy Road Mod Apk

With our awesome cheat version of smashy road wanted, you will get unlimited money at the start. In this way, you can buy everything in the game. You can get access to all the vehicles that are locked and have fun from the start.


Smashy road wanted mod apk is quite interesting and easy to play a game for both children and adults. You will enjoy riding 90 plus unlocked cars with sharp and vivid colors. Everything is fine and you will love playing this.

How to Download Smashy Road Mod Apk

Downloading game is easy and fun. You don’t need to take too much stress, just follow the easy steps and enjoy the game.

  1. Click on the Download Now button wait for some seconds until your file is ready. Then click on download button and it will start automatically in your download folder.
  2. Enable the “Unknown Sources” from your mobile setting: Go to Menu > Settings > Security > and check for unknown sources. This way you can install your apps easily.
  3. Once you have completed the above step, you can go to the “Download” folder in the file manager and click on the downloaded file and run it.

After the installation is complete, you can open the application and experience it as usual.

The important thing you should not forget before downloading is you need to uninstall the original version before installing the mod apk file.




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