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Among us is the online multiplayer game in which players have to work together and complete different tasks. In this game, you can find yourself in spaceships, space stations and many more exciting places.

 You will also find a few players as an imposter. The imposter aims to eliminate your crewmates undetected, while teammates must identify and find out the imposter to win the game. This game gives you an addictive game experience.

App Name Among us
App Version 2023.6.13
App size 521.34 MB
Category Action 
MOD INFOUnlimited Everything

Important features of Among us APK

Among us Unlocked Everything

Among us there are too many interesting features which can increase the interest of a player. Some main feature of this game are:  

Social deduction game:

You can find a social deduction gameplay experience in this game. You can find yourself in a spaceship or space station setting,where you work together as a team.

However, there are some members of your team who hide themselves as imposters. Their main objective is to kill your team member and take control of the ship.

You must work as a teammate, know your teammates’ behaviour and find that imposter while completing tasks and ensure your victory.

Imposters Techniques: 

Playing as an imposter among us is an exciting and unique experience. Imposters have some special ability that helps them to take control on the ship, such as disable vital components and cause the reactor to melt down.

They can also close the door to trap your teammates. Furthermore, they have power to eliminate your teammates, leading to tense movements in strategy making decisions.

Task Completion:

Completing a task is a crucial aspect of all the members of this game. Each player is assigned with different types of tasks that contribute to function and maintenance of the ship.

Successfully completing tasks helps your teammates to progress and increases the chance of victory. Team members balance their task completion to find the imposter.

Emergency Meetings:

Emergency meetings are very important in the game. At any point in the game players can call the emergency meeting to discuss the activities, share information and make a plan.

Players can present their observation, voice their points to protect themselves if they are accused. Discussion in emergency meetings uncover the truth to identify the imposter.

Communications and Discussions:

You can communicate and discuss between players to find the imposter or to discuss the plan. Effective communication is very important to find the criminal or to tell a plan to ensure the victory. 


You can customise options to personalise their in game characters. You can choose a variety of hats, skins and pets for the unique experience. These customization add fun in the game.    

MOD Features of the Game

Among us MOD APK Unlimited Features 

Some MOD features of this game are,

Unlocked All Skins:

In this game you will unlock all the skins. You can choose a variety of hats, skins and pets for the unique experience. You have not to pay any penny for these exciting skins.

Join banned room:

In most cases, the room admins ban you for their rooms, after which it becomes difficult to rejoin them. But you should worry, because after downloading from this you will play the banned room. 

Cooldown zero for kills:

 While being an impostor, Among Us MOD APK offers Zero Kill Cooldown. You can make unlimited kills at the same time without any kind of time limit.

End the Voteing:

The voting is done in the game to find the imposter. If you are an imposter you can end the voting and no one would find you. 

Unlimited Emergency Meeting:

In the original version, you can do only two emergency meetings but after downloading this you can do unlimited emergency meeting any time.

No- Ads

In this game, you will found no ads. So, you will not disturb while playing this game.


Among us is simple but superb game,it allows the gamers to comfortably interact with each other and further enjoy their action adventures.

Play your hilarious spaceship incident with friends and online gamers from around the world. You will also be able to play a modified version of the game on our website, so that you can gain even more enjoyment from it.

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