Modern Strike Online Mod Apk 2023 Latest Version (Unlimited Money/Ammo)

Get the latest version of the modern strike online mod apk and surprise your enemies with your great fight tactics. You will get unlimited ammo.
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For those who are suffering from severe stress and want to get rid of their frustration, the modern Strike online mod apk game is a great option. This is a type of high-action online game simulation. It has been kept completely free and when this game was ready, everyone’s eyes were fixed on it due to some different features.


And a lot of people who like shooting games appreciated it and started playing. For the first time, Vietnamese subtitles were included so that people could easily play it. This was a new feature and most of the games don’t have that.

This is a multiplayer shooting and action game in which you can invite your friends from all over the world. And you can compete with them. Modern Strike Online is currently the best game for Android users and the most popular game in the world.

About Game

This game has a variety and combination of different modes. It involves one-on-one battles in which the loser loses to the enemy and also uses multiplayer mode in which a team is formed with friends.

And the world is being saved from them by competing with the aliens. It has innumerable weapons and with the help of excellent graphics, players can easily see the characters and identify the enemy.

The gameplay is very close to many other action games like Call of Duty, PUBG Mobile, and PUBG Lite where you have to fight with other players.

Interesting Features of Modern Strike Online Mod Apk

Modern Shooter

Modern Strike Online is based on modern-day battles in which two groups are facing each other and there is a fight between them. These two groups are prepared for war in such a way that they are put in BL (Dark Checklist) and GR (Global Threat) to some of the players who sound the war siren. They play different roles on the battlefield.

Modern Strike Online

The match style is based on deathmatch and scoring which gives the winning team a lucrative advantage. The real and basic purpose of the user is to motivate the players by targeting them so that they fall on the enemy and subdue him.

In the controller mechanism, the movement of the characters can be stopped by using the digital home button and also with the help of hands. Its display screen can also be used for shooting and staging purposes, making it easier for the user. The main goal is to target the enemy with full accuracy.

Unlimited Weapons

Unlimited weapons are provided within this modern strike game. People who like shooting games will use ruthless weapons in it and inside the game, they will not be afraid to keep their weapons. Therefore, their focus will be on subduing the enemy instead of weapons. The latest Weapons and guns will be provided to the player.

Modern strike apk shows everything that can be seen in practice. Weapons are the center of attention for every gamer. Because the use of weapons is very high in war games but in most of the games the weapons are very limited and gamers have to unlock the weapons by performing outstandingly in the game.

Modern Strike apk

The feature that I like most while playing this game is that it already has unlimited weapons so gamers do not have to worry about it. You can use twenty to twenty-five types of weapons together with your friends. The images that appear in it are set to the liking of the gamers, which will attract their attention.

Multiple Gameplay

This game has different modes to play this game. One person will be invited to compete first and there will be a fight between two people. The one who is beaten by the opponent will lose and the other will win.

Also, if you like Challenge, you can play in Challenging Mode. In this mode, the battleground will prepare you to have to prepare your army and attack.

You have to adopt a war strategy and demonstrate your abilities. In this, you will face various challenges and there may be losses so you have to be prepared for it.

You will be able to use more than 70 weapons by calculating the conditions inside the game and these weapons will be used in a different gameplay. In addition, various war clothes such as shoes, armor, etc. will also be provided to each player. There is a lot for the user to learn from this masterpiece field.

The explosion of Bombs in Modern Strike Online Apk

The end of Modern Strike Online will be in the form of Battle Plant The Bomb. In which a team of terrorists will go ahead and plant a bomb which will be a very dangerous type of bomb. Its timer is on the countdown and every second that is going will close others near to death.

modern strike onlime unlimited ammo

Inside the modern strike, there will be a task force that will try to stop the bomb from exploding. Your job is to help them and let them do their work.

There is a pressure mode in which the loser will be eliminated. This is one of the most unique woods of modern-day online that players can use to entertain themselves and at the same time should not lose their AA. Because it highlights the player’s decision-making ability.

Opportunity To Go on Opponent’s Battlefield

As there are many modes in the game that are described in detail above, one of them is also the mode through which the user can go to the battlefield of his enemy if he wants.

The first step is to keep an eye on the enemy and check all his movements. After that, you have to attack the enemy seeing the right opportunity.

You have to use your footsteps to open fire with a gun. When you feel that the enemy is helpless and he is looking for a place to hide, you can go ahead and step into his field because now there will be no danger for you.

Sound & Graphics


If the graphics of the game are standard then the game can also be of good quality. The game is high quality with 3D graphics and clearly shows the movement of all the soldiers inside the battlefield.

With the help of graphics, the intensity of the battle is clearly shown, and also the weapons are displayed in the best way. And they are also upgraded over time so that the players do not feel bored.

Modern Strike


Modern strike online is not fun without sound and even the players don’t like it much. And the sound inside this game is also functional and it makes the sound of high bullets moving inside the battle sound like the sound of tanks moving regularly. And most importantly, the sound of the enemy’s footsteps makes it easier to follow them.

Mod Feature of Modern Strike Online Mod Apk

With our file modern strike, you will get unlimited money and gold that will help you to buy different weapons and in-app purchases. This way you will buy anything that you want!

How To Install Modern Strike Online APK

Install the APK version on your device from the play store. Don’t open it till you download its Object File from our website. Click on the Download Button and Extract the OBB file.

Go to File Manager and Install it first then open your apk file. You are ready to go now.


Modern Strike online mod apk is a great game for Android users in which the player can use their abilities in a better way and it also has the best content for learning. So go ahead and download and take advantage of it. Show your fighting skills and impress your enemies with many amazing weapons!



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