Metal Squad Mod Apk 2023 Latest Version (Unlimited Money/Ammo/Health)

Download metal squad mod apk and experience a shooting action game. This game will take you through a series of classic levels and various enemies.
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The game metal squad mod apk is an action shooting game. In this game, you will get heaps of different levels to play. Every level will bring different types of enemies and you will have to shoot them all with a huge variety of weapons. It is a super fun game loaded with action. This game will provide you with an amazing experience of a series of classic levels, various enemies, and boss battles. This game is very much popular having millions of downloads till now.

metal squad mod

Interesting Features of Metal Squad Mod Apk

Behind its millions of downloads, there are many interesting factors and features that this game possesses. Everyone loves this because of its features below.

Easy Control System

Metal Squad mod apk has very user-friendly gameplay and it is very easy to control. There is a jump button to jump and avoid obstacles in your way. A simple fire button to shoot and there is a grenade button to make the deadly explosion. Use a joypad to move your player on the map. So enjoy and shoot the enemies and win. You don’t need to worry about how to play the game as its controls are very simple and very controllable.


Those who love playing games understand the feeling of playing with or without a character of your choice or at least they can make their character of their own choice. So in the metal squad, there are heaps of different characters that are there for your player to customize it in different avatars. There is a number of stylish things there and you have unlimited money so you can easily customize your player as your own choice and get the full fun of playing this game.

metal squad  apk

Single and Multiplayer

Manguni Squad mod apk brings you this amazing opportunity to play whether single-player and kill all the enemies alone as a hero or play with your friends and join forces to end the great big boss and kill the enemies. This is a very amazing feature because if you are alone you can play the single-player option and enjoy the game. And if you are with your friends and want to enjoy the time with some adventurous mode, then you and your friends play together this amazing and interesting game. So, you have both options to play it and have fun.

Levels and Stages in Metal Squad Mod Apk

In this game, there are more than sixty levels available for you to enjoy. all of them are different from each other and have different kinds of enemies. Complete a level and unlock the next one which is totally different from the previous one. This makes the game more interesting and joyful. The new and interesting things in each new level keep you excited and adventurous throughout the game. So, the fun and thrill of playing Metal Squad are never-ending.

metal squad

Free of Cost

The game Metal Squad mod apk has lots of different features and the best thing about this game is that it’s free of cost. You don’t need to pay a penny to play this game. You can have access to everything in this game. So, enjoy all its features and have all the fun of this amazing shooting game for free. So, don’t wait download it today and have fun.

Different Enemies

In this game, there are numerous enemies attacking you. You will be shooting enemies in a helicopter or maybe tanks. On different levels, you will fight with multiple enemies at the same time, and at the end, there will be a crazy boss fight. Kill the big bad boss to complete a level and go further.

Weapons and Grenade

In this game, you have different kinds of weapons such as shotguns, heavy machine guns, rifles, rocket launchers, and different kinds of explosives like grenades,s, etc. As you have unlimited money one can easily buy any kind of weapon and use it to kill his/her enemies in the game. It is basically great fun to play this game in that you have access to everything and every weapon contains an unlimited supply of bullets. So use any of your choices and kill your enemies.

Bosses at end

This is the amazing part of the metal squad. You have to fight with different bosses at the end of each level. These bosses are very strong and more powerful than normal enemies. So, to pass the level you have to kill the boss with a technique

download metal squad mod apk

Hack Feature of Metal Squad Mod Apk

Unlimited Ammo

In this mod apk cheat version, the next best feature you will get is unlimited ammo throughout the game. Yes, you have not only unlimited money and health power you also have unlimited ammunition. Not for the one gun, it’s also for every gun that you will use in this game. So you can use your favorite gun with full-loaded bullets and you don’t face any bad time when you are running out of bullets. Just play for a long time without getting bored.

Unlimited Coin

In this hack version, you will get access to unlimited money. With this amazing feature, you will be able to buy all the related and useful items from the store like weapons and upgrade them. Buy all the fun skins and customize your character the way you want.

Unlimited HP in Metal Squad Mod Apk

This mod version will also provide you with unlimited health. So now you don’t need to worry about your health. This was the biggest problem every player faces when they are playing the shooting game that they don’t have health. Once health becomes less all your focus is diverted toward how to get health so keeping this in mind the developers make this game as it includes unlimited health power. So, you can focus completely on your enemies how to kill them, and have all the fun of the game instead of being worried about the health of the character.

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Sound and Visual in Metal Squad Mod Apk


While playing the metal squad mod, you will experience very attractive and eye-catching 2D graphics throughout the game. Each and everything in the game looks very realistic. As this game contains different levels and stages and in every different level and stage you will find different themes which give more and more interesting and enjoyable fun.

Music in Metal Squad Mod Apk

With its amazing visuals, it provides you soundtrack with everything that surely keeps you in the game the whole time. Every bullet fired from the gun has a different sound, every enemy’s voice is different and the background music is so relaxing. So, enjoy the feel of every second of this game.


In the world of action and shooting, it is very rare for you to find a game that has very simple gameplay yet is very interesting at the same time. But when you start playing metal squad mod apk you will find that it has simple and classy gameplay. In this game, you just have to focus on the enemies how to kill them in minimum time without losing your energy.

You don’t have to worry about health, money, and ammunition because our mod version provides you with an unlimited supply of all these things. You have coins you can buy any gun with unlimited bullets. It includes customization of character and having all these amazing features this game is free of cost. So, in short, you can find all the amazing things together in the form of this game. Download it today and have fun.


Does this mod apk version provide full access to features?

Yes, this mod apk version has all the features of the game. Just download and play for a long time.

How to unlock the next level?

Kill all enemies and at the end fight with the boss kill him then your level is complete and the next level is automatically unlocked.




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