Major Mayhem 2 Mod Apk 2022 Latest Version (Unlimited Money)

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Shooting games have always been the center of attention in modern times. Because these games have both fun and action. Action and shooting games are very popular these days, especially in the young generation. Those who like action games and are waiting for the new games to come will love major mayhem 2 mod apk too.

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A new game with lots of new features that can be the center of choice for all players. An innovative game with beautiful graphics that has great opportunities to entertain players.


If you have played its first version Major Mayhem then this game will surely entertain you. The game consists of a fictional story in which fictional characters are set. They have an agent and some evil enemies. The agent starts fighting with these enemies and this little fight slowly turns into a big fight. In which the agent uses his quick wit to eliminate these enemies and free the girl from their clutches.

There are different levels in major mayhem 2 mod apk that must be crossed. Each level has its own demands and the game is made more interesting by using modern weapons. It uses a variety of modes to move the fighting from one field to another in a new and different way.

Interesting Features of Major Mayhem 2 Mod Apk

Running And shooting

Major Mayhem 2 has been introduced with separate gameplay. Enemies have also been upgraded. In this, your job is to run and hide and attack the enemy by shooting. This time you don’t have to fight a simple enemy like a ninja but you have to fight mummies and aliens.

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Their attacks are very agile so you have to be just as energetic. If you want to defeat them, you have to speed up and wait for the enemy bullets to fly. And you have to hide and attack in a safe place. You have the advantage in this game that you can get as many points as you can subdue the enemies. You can attack by dropping laser beams and bombs from the sky.

You must be skilled in this task. During the game you have to take special care that the enemy does not attack you, you have to lean on a rock or a tree. The more you subdue the enemy, the more your points will increase.


Unlike other games, it not only fights on foot or on the ground but also uses transport and uses helicopters, and various tanks in transport. There are more challenges than running and firing because there is a risk of attacking you back.

major mayhem 2

And the risk is higher because you can’t just hide in one place, but you have to use different positions to advance the fight. And in that case, you are more likely to be attacked. People who do not have much time can benefit from it because you have one to two minutes in it and you can complete it in the allotted time.

Also during the game, due to some of your busy schedule, you can take a break and play it again till the second or third day. In the meantime, the game will not have to restart.

More Than 50 levels

Up to more than 50 levels in the game, you have to work tirelessly and in the meantime save your girlfriend from the villain. The enemy will attack from all sides but you will retaliate against them by demonstrating your abilities and also protecting yourself from being attacked and shot.

You will find in it the feelings of a movie hero through which you will be able to entertain yourself. Demonstrate your combat abilities and you can destroy all the villains and get more than 150 medals and rewards in return. The control system inside the game has also been made very simple in which only the main character has to be controlled, the rest of the game will run through automation.

There is an ease in major mayhem 2 mod apk but winning is just as difficult because as the levels go up you will face the toughest challenges. In fact, the game requires great and difficult forces like Bigg Boss.

Weapons in Major Mayhem 2 Mod Apk

The weapons used in the game are as modern as the game itself. It has more than 20 weapons that the user can unlock through their best performance, including rifles, handguns, bombs, and small ammunition. Everything sold within the game is available for free. Players can get coins and the best weapons.

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And they will not need any money for that. Rather, it is available for free. It uses the money earned within the game and will not cost cash. There are also different types of guns available which are used according to the time and need. Understand the mission first, then select the weapons according to the task and use them accordingly.

Unique Game

There are a lot of shooting games going on right now that are also popular among the people like PUBG Lite, Zombie Hunter, etc. But for those who like classical shooting the best game is Major Mayhem 2. Here you rescue the hostages and, unlike the rest of the game as a whole, there is a unique game in which you have to use special abilities to attack the enemy and free your girlfriend from their clutches. You are given missions for this purpose and it becomes extremely difficult for you to complete them.

Sounds & Graphics in Major Mayhem 2 Mod Apk


The game features a full 3D classic that allows all scenes within it to be viewed regularly. And the background is so eye-catching that players feel they touch different corners of the world during battle. Its gameplay is 2D but all elements are 3D. The characters can be seen clearly in it.

mayhem 2 mod apk

Compared to the previous game, the characters are beautifully decorated and the players enjoy the game.


The sound system is built to a very high standard. The movement of the main character can be clearly heard in it. And the sound of gunfire can be heard. The sound is so clear that the footsteps of the characters can be heard regularly which gives the players the feeling of fighting on the real field.

MOD Features of Major Mayhem 2 Apk

Unlimited Money

There are countless coins available that can be used and weapons can be purchased. These coins can also be handled for difficult levels.

Final Words

Major mayhem 2 mod apk is an updated version in which every aspect has been upgraded and presented. It has more advanced features than the previous game. More dangerous enemies than ninja enemies are set in it. This game will definitely make you very happy and you will not get bored while playing it. Levels full of challenges add to the players’ interest. So download it from the Play Store now and enjoy.



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