Cover Fire Mod Apk 2022 (Unlimited Money/VIP 5) Latest Version For Android

Zombie's are on the way to destroy our lovely planet. Download shooting game cover fire mod apk and save it from the enemies with your squad.
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Cover fire mod apk is a fighting game in which you will lead a squad that is assigned a very special task to save our planet. You will be fighting against a very famous corporation named Tetra Corp, that wants to conquer our planet. Get as close to the enemy as possible and then attack and kill them. Along the way, you will be faced with a variety of enemies including combat robots and trained killers.

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Use different strategies to lead your pack to a glorious victory and be a hero to all. Every person in your squad is given a special set of skill and have a unique ability. You need to make sure that all are working according to a plan. Always be on alert and do not get trapped.


The gameplay of this game is very close to real life. The spectacular action scenes of the game give us such an experience that is hard to find in any other game. The way of attack is also very realistic with different weapons that are characterized according to the mission you are playing.

Interesting Features of Cover Fire Mod Apk

Zoom In

Zoom in feature of this game is also very amazing and it helps you to identify your enemy up close and take a clean shot. 3D effects of the game also contribute to making this game special and give an amazing experience of shooting.

Offline Game Mode

Cover fire mod has a lot of amazing features and one of them is you can play this game without the internet as well. Just download it and where ever you want to play this game whether the internet is available or not you can enjoy it. Many shooting games do not allow this feature but the makers of the game give you the freedom of playing the game offline.

cover fire offline shooting games

Difficult to Win

By looking at the size and features of the game one will think that this game is for kids only that’s why they provide unlimited money and all that and it is very easy to win. But the reality is totally different because while playing this you will face a number of enemies with their own very impressive strategy for beating.

To win from these enemies you also require good strategy and presence of mind. That makes this game more and more interesting for everybody. You need to be in the game every time otherwise your enemy will take a shot first and you will lose.

Location in Cover Fire Mod Apk

There is a huge number of locations you will see in this game. Each location is very impressive and you will find different enemies throughout the game. Each location looks very real and you feel that you are living a real life. Sometimes when you are playing some action games you will find yourself a little bit bored but when things around you in the game are pretty amazing, these will not make you feel bored. In fact, these things help one to keep their interest In the game.


In the Cover fire, you will face different kinds of enemies to kill. To keep them on your feet, you will need better and better weapons. So, this game gives you a huge variety of different kinds of weapons that you can use during the game.

As you have unlimited money you can buy any weapon but keep one thing in mind. Their bullets are not unlimited so in pressure, the situation doesn’t waste your bullets otherwise if you waste your bullets in space and when your enemy is in your front, you will need those bullets.

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At that time, if you are empty, your opponent will knock you out in seconds and then you will be out from the game. So, play for win only and we all know win requires a strategy to follow. So make a good plan.

Online Combats in Cover Fire Mod Apk

Another amazing feature of this game is you can play online combats. You can play with your friends and other online players in the game. Check their skills first as this will help you when you will be in a team with them. Find yourself in online combats and enjoy the game more. With this feature, you have a lot of fun playing with your online enemies.

Free to Play

The game having all the amazing features and free-to-play is very hard to find. Now a days, every game comes with a price. Some say it is free but when you download the game it says to pay the amount first and then you have access to all features. But this game is totally free of cost. Not only free to download but free to play with all the features. So, without wasting time download this game from our website and enjoy all its features free of cost.  

coverfire mod apk

Mod Version of Cover Fire Game

The mod version of cover fire mod apkincludes all the related features just like the normal version. There are the following extra features that this game includes.

VIP 5 Unlocked

This VIP feature gives you the following benefits.

  • It increases gold value by 20%
  • You can get maximum tickets
  • Four number of players
  • Highest level of energy
  • Unlimited amount of money

Cover fire mod version provides you unlimited money to buy weapons, customize your character, upgrade your weapons to max level and shop freely whatever you want. Gold is the main currency used as money in the game so you will have unlimited gold to spend with the mod version of the game.

Sound and Visuals in Cover Fire Mod Apk


Cover fire mod apk provides you with very impressive 3D graphics throughout the entire game. Everything in the game looks almost real that will take you completely in the game. It also provides you the feature to adjust the graphics settings so you can set your graphic setting according to your wish.

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The game Cover fire not only provides you the amazing and eye-catching 3D graphics but also provides you the soundtrack of each and everything that will make this game more interesting. Each level has different music that will help you to make interest in your game. This way You will never ever feel bored playing this game.


Peoples who are too much interested in an action shooting game and looking for some game that is free of cost and have lots of features than Cover fire mod apk is a master-piece where they find everything they are looking for. It includes a complete storyline that some monster attacks our world and tries to kill us all.

You are here to give them a fight with your squad. You have unlimited money to buy the guns but you have to make a strategy first because your enemies are very strong and they may kill you. Besides this, your enemies are not humans. They are zombie’s kind and killing them is not a piece of cake.

This makes a game more interesting and unique. Because here you have a responsibility to save the world. You are not only playing to just kill and move toward the next level. The planet is depending on you so why wait! Download it and start playing today.



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