Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel APK + MOD (Unlocked) v1.6.5

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Introduce about Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel

YouTubers Life: Gaming Channel simulates YouTubers’ lives and work in a simulated game. In this game, you play the role of a YouTuber, who creates video content and uploads videos to YouTube for the purpose of sharing content and earning money. You can work as a YouTuber at home while playing games or sitting in front of a computer, just record and upload your videos to YouTube, which will also help you earn your own income on a monthly basis.

It is well known that many YouTubers earn a great income, such as Smosh, Pewdiepie, Dude Perfect, etc. So, have you ever wondered whether YouTuber is a happy job or just requires hard work to make money? With Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel, you should be able to answer these questions and gain a better understanding of this job.

Create your own character

YouTubers Life allows you to create your own character. You can choose from different hairstyles, skin colors, and even personalities.

Create channels, videos and receive money

Next, you’ll create your own channel with the most popular content and topics. Whether you specialize in games, cooking, science, etc., you need to create a video that is really interesting, edit it, and upload it to your own channel after creating a channel and choosing a theme for yourself.

Your main task is to post videos on your YouTube channel to check money through views and subscriptions from everyone. It isn’t as simple as that, though, because players must also take care of their characters in moderation, like they do in real life.

The IT industry is booming right now, so there are a growing number of ways to make money online. There are online sales, advertisements, making money through blogs, etc. How do Youtubers make money?

The more subscribers you have, the more views your channel receives, and the more money you will make. As well as living expenses, you’ll need to buy equipment to suit the needs of your viewers. Dating features, selfies, and shopping systems are extremely diverse.

The game features real-life elements as a realistic 3D simulation. Your character can have girlfriends, boyfriends, selfies and post them on social networks to increase your popularity. Moreover, you can shop for various items in the store, in addition to the necessary items to help you do your YouTuber, such as clothes, games, and upgrading your PC. You can also order food to be delivered to your home, saving you time and allowing you to spend it on YouTube.

The dream of becoming a famous YouTuber

Your daily activities will decrease when you become famous because there will be more work to do. Sometimes you will feel busy and tired.But don’t worry, when you first start, your workload is quite gentle, so you can spend a lot of time doing other things such as earning a boyfriend, girlfriend, family, friends, etc. Therefore, until you get used to your job, the system will provide you with daily suggestions and instructions.