How To Unlock Double Guns In Mini Militia

Doubles are usually performed with the Magnum and the UZI, which are the two most commonly used guns for doubles. 
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When you enter the multiplayer mode in Mini Militia, the double guns can be unlocked without spending any money. This article explains how you can unlock the double guns for free by following the instructions given in the article.

Doubles are usually performed with the Magnum and the UZI, which are the two most commonly used guns for doubles. 

The double guns icon is located just to the left of Magnum in your armoury, and it will appear on the right hand side as soon as you click on it. In terms of how many levels it is, it’s somewhere between levels 10 and 14. It unlocks with every level you reach, though.

In order to do so, you will first need to change the tab to SMGs from the one you are currently using. The icon for the double-gun should be down below the UZI. As you progress through the levels, you will also be able to use this double gun.

You can use different types of guns, and you will have to open crates in order to raise the level of the gun you are using. You will see an image in the following section that shows a crate that offers the option to upgrade UZI.

Using the upgrade option located in the Armoury, UZI’s level can now be boosted by going to the SMGs in the Armoury and clicking on upgrade.

The player who reaches the level of 10 will be able to unlock the double gun as soon as he reaches that mark.

Some Silent Features

Some important features in this game are:

You get dual weapons

In this game you get the dual weapon to play. You can carry weapons in your both hands. This helps you to kill the enemy in one shot and there is also no recoils of the weapon. So if you get two deadliest weapons in your hand you will become unbeatable.

Unlimited ammo

In this game you get unlimited ammo. With this feature you become more dangerous. You will never stop shooting while playing this game.

Get 7x zoom

In this game you have the advantage of 7x zoom. With this feature, you can kill your enemy from a distance without hurting yourself. 

Get 2x speed

You will get 2x speed in this game and you will become unbeatable. With this feature, you can run at high speed and your enemy will not be able to catch you and you can perform your missions easily.

The layout of some weapons

If you are confused in choosing the weapon you must use this simple layout

  • Uzi + Riot shield
  • Desert eagle + desert eagle
  • Uzi + uzi
  • Magnum + Riot shield
  • Magnum + magnum
  • Uzi + desert eagle
  • Uzi + Machete
  • Desert eagle +riot shield
  • Desert eagle + magnum
  • Uzi + magnum
  • Desert eagle + Machete
  • Magnum + Machete, etc

What is new in double guns mini militia?

Some new features in double gun mini militia are following:

  1. They have fixed all the security issues.
  2. Bugs aew remove from this new version
  3. They have improve system optimization.


 mini militia ranks are one of the best online features of the game, you can also double the guns in this game. This feature is linked to the arcade! I feel very comfortable with this. Also, a statement of time passing! It can also be performed in a room with your colleagues to experience a complete joke.

The system cannot absorb anytime, and all of you do not experience a system issue, and your opponents cannot kill you without receiving Mini militia rank benefits.

Which types of guns you double in this game?

In this game you double different types of guns like uzii , uzii and desert eagle and hand cannon etc.

Can we get sheild in tis game?

Yes, you can get shield and you double it with some gun like sheild ajd hand cannon.