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Tomb Raider is a third-person action role-playing game developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix’s European subsidiary. This 2013 video game combines action, adventure, and thriller elements.

As part of the Tomb Raider franchise, this is the 10th installment. In this game, Lara Croft’s origins are traced as well as her works.

 The game was released on 5th March 2013 and was available on many platforms including Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Tomb Raider’s other version was also released in 2014, 2016 and 2017 for OS X, Linux, and Shield TV respectively. 

In what way does Tomb Raider differ from other games? 

A fictional island named Yamatai, located in the dragon’s triangle near the coast of Japan, is depicted in the video game. The kingdom that once inhabited the island has now crumbled into ruins, and everything is shrouded in mystery.uded in mystery. 

There are frequent thunderstorms along the coast of Yamatai, resulting in frequent shipwrecks. Yamatai is known as the island of fear. Few people are aware of the origins and history of Yamatai. The objective of the game is to explore and discover facts about the lost island Yamatai. This is explained further in the narrative. 

A large part of the gameplay revolves around surviving, although exploration is also an essential part of the game. The game also marks the first time in the franchise that a multiplayer mode has been developed and Square Enix is publishing a sequel to the game.

Playing the game

Third-person perspective is used throughout the game. Players take control of the character Lara Croft in this game. It is a blend of action, adventure, exploration, and survival mechanics, which is intertwined through a hub and spoke model.

A player can traverse the lands on foot by following zip lines and climbing tracks in the game’s environment. Multiple quick events appear throughout the game, making it more challenging and engaging. 

Combat mechanics in the game have been modeled after many elements of other similar games. In addition to Lara’s bow, a salvaged gun enables her to engage in short-range combat and stealth maneuvers.

 Participants can also utilize their survival instincts in order to safeguard themselves. There would be a feature in which players are alerted to collectible items, enemies, or important environmental puzzles. 

It is possible to progress through the game by making use of a variety of RPG elements. As they progress through the game, they accumulate experience points by completing tasks and missions.

Players can earn points and advance in levels through a variety of in-game challenges. The more they level up their game, the greater their ability to upgrade their skills and accordingly their performance rate. 

At the right time, players can also customize their game. Character progression is also part of the game. Besides completing the main questline, players can also complete several side quests and explore the island as they wish. 

Along with the single-player mode, Tomb Raider offers a well-designed multiplayer mode so that players can enjoy the game with their friends. The multiplayer mode allows two teams to compete against each other.

In the multiplayer mode, there are five available maps, as well as three different gameplay modes. The first mode is a team competition.

 The second mode is the survivor’s mode, where players are required to collect medical supplies to a particular point on the map by overcoming and defeating enemies. During the last, or scavenger, mode, players are required to eliminate as many enemies as possible within ten minutes. 

Tomb Raider’s key features

In essence, Tomb Raider examines the gritty and intense origins of the story of Lara Croft and her transformation into a fierce survivor from a young, naive woman.

 In addition to her raw instincts and her ability to push beyond the limits of human endurance, Lara Croft will most certainly amaze you with both her abilities and powers. It is with great apprehension that Lara embarks on a journey to discover the secrets of Yamatai. 

To gain a better understanding of Lara’s journey, we will discuss some of the major characteristics of Tomb Raider:

  • An Important Turning Point

Tomb Raider allows players to play as Lara Croft. You get the opportunity to experience the life of this courageous survivor and to learn her story from the beginning. 

  • Raiding in a completely new way

It contains many mystery puzzles, visceral combats, attacks, and architectural tombs for players to discover. 

  • Fighting for life

Investigate resources, acquire experience, master tactics, and enhance your weapons in order to defend yourself from unexpected enemy attacks. The more well-trained you are, the higher your chances of survival. 

  • Multiple player mode 

A multiplayer mode is available in which two teams can compete in three different modes. Tomb Raider has been enhanced by a multiplayer mode. 

Everyone praised Tomb Raider upon its release. There are a number of noteworthy aspects of the game including gameplay mechanics, graphics, character depictions, dialogue exchanges, and Lara’s performance and characterization individually.

Additionally, the game’s multiplayer mode cannot be overlooked, as it played a key role in luring gamers’ attention. In the following few years, Tomb Raider sold over 11 million copies, making it the best-selling sequel of the entire Tomb Raider series. 

Get the PC version of Tomb Raider

NameTomb Raider
Initial Release Date5 March 2013
PlatformsPlayStation 3, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Google Stadia, Linux, Classic Mac OS
DeveloperCrystal Dynamics, Eidos-Montréal, Nixxes Software BV, Feral Interactive
SeriesTomb Raider
Writer(s)Rhianna Pratchett; Susan O’Connor; John Stafford
Producer(s)Kyle Peschel
CategoryPC Games

Instructions for downloading Tomb Raider for the PC

  • The first step of this process is to click on the Download button, which will direct you to the download page
  • of the game. Step 2: Click on the Download Tomb Raider PC button
  • Step 3: The Free Installer from will start once your download is complete.
  • In step four, you must download & install the file before you can install the game
  • Step 5: With a good internet connection, you should have no problems downloading the game
  • Once the installation process has been completed, you will be able to use Tomb Raider PC for free

Should you encounter any difficulties or wish to report any bugs, please do not hesitate to contact me.

System Requirements for Tomb Raider

  • CPU: Dual core AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.1 GHz (4050+)/Intel Core2 Duo 1.86 GHz (E6300)
  • Processor speed: Details
  • RAM: 1GB (Windows XP), 2GB (Windows Vista/Windows 7)
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • A video card with DirectX 9 graphics (Radeon HD 2600 XT/Geforce 8600) and 512 MB video RAM is required.
  • “VERTEX SHADER 3.0” is required.
  • A DEDICATED VIDEO RAM of 512MB is required.

Recommended System Requirements for Tomb Raider

  • Integrated quad core processor (AMD Phenom II x2 565/Intel Core i5-750)
  • CPU SPEED: Information
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • A DirectX 11 video card with one GB of video RAM is required (Radeon HD 4870/Geforce GTX 480).
  • VIDEO RAM: 1 gigabyte

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which consoles can be used to play the game?

In terms of console compatibility, the game is playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch.

Is the game multiplayer capable?

There are both single-player and multiplayer game modes available for the game.

What is the number of gaming modes included in the multiplayer option?

Three modes of play are available in the multiplayer mode: PvP, survivor’s mode, and scavenger’s mode.