The Best Titans In War Robots

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The world has been captivated by War Robots, a 6v6 multiplayer game. More than 4 million people have downloaded the shooter game on mobile devices. The game has modes such as Domination, Beacon Rush, Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Free-for-All, Skirmish, and Custom.

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Light, medium, and heavy robots are classified according to their speed, firepower, and health. A new class of humongous robots has been introduced to the warfare game, Titans, that deals devastating damage to opponents. Check out the Titan robots you can unlock in the game.

In celebration of War Robots’ 8th anniversary, a ton of new features were rolled out for the game’s dedicated players. There were new robots, turrets, weapons, and pilots included to make the massively multiplayer game more exciting.

War Robots held its anniversary expo to reward long-term players with 100 bronzes for every year they’ve played the game. Additionally, it provided 150 silver to all active players.

A strategic advantage can be gained over enemies by using the new weapons released with the update. Defeat your opponents in War Robots by controlling these Titans. 

1: Heimdall

The Titan robot, Heimdall, is capable of supporting allies and attacking enemies on the map. Based on Norse mythology, Heimdall has the ability to shapeshift, which allows him to repair himself and his allies within close range. While Shapeshift is active, Heimdall heals its allies and enhances their damage by 10%.

In order to play Heimdall in the War Robots, players must be at least level 25. To increase the Titan’s attack damage, players can equip up to four beta weapons. Cinder is an explosive weapon that can deal devastating amounts of damage to enemies.


Icarus Technologies built Minos as its first Titan. The item costs 1,000 platinum in the store and can be unlocked at level 25. Titan robots are quite durable in battle and have 390,000 HP. It can scout the map with impressive speed as it seeks and destroys robots in a frenzy.

A passive module can be mounted on Minos in one of four slots. All Titan robot damage will be increased by 3% when the Antimatter Reactor is activated.

With the help of titan weapons, it can be equipped with 3 beta hardpoints. It has the capability of killing enemies at midrange with kinetic energy in the form of squall. It deals 438 damage per particle and can deplete kinetic and energy shields within seconds.

On Minos, Rupture can be mounted as an explosive weapon to shred enemies. With a single rocket, it can destroy robots that are guarded by physical shields in a matter of seconds. Splash damage can be dealt by rockets from Rupture, making it useful for hitting enemies who are hiding.

3: Ao Ming

Ao Ming is a futuristic Titan with quick reflexes. It was made by the faction SpaceTech, which specializes in mid-air combat. When Ao Ming is in flight, all weapons equipped on the Titan deal increased damage to opponents. War Robots’ Titan Ao Ming can be unlocked for 700 Platinum.

It is possible for people to equip the energy weapon Lantern on Ao Ming to destroy their enemies at a distance. A lantern can also be used to weaken an opponent’s shield in battle by tearing it down.

4: Murometz

Murometz is a Titan who can terrorize opponents both in mid-air and on the ground. There are three weapons that can be fitted to the mechanical monstrosity. Rupture is a weapon that can be used to ambush enemies at long and mid-ranges.

Rupture can be mounted on Murometz, a Titan with a large open space, to deal high burst damage to enemies. There is plenty of ammunition available in War Robots for Rupture, as each clip holds 16 rockets.


There are four Titan weapons that can be mounted on Nodens, a Titan robot. It can deal heavy damage in a short period of time by equipping Krait to deal with robots. Despite damage resistance and reflector shields, the mid-range weapon can penetrate them.

Corrosion is Krait’s ability that deals a high amount of damage per second. Platinum is required to purchase Nodens, which is manufactured by EvoLife.

It’s more fun to play squad games with Nodens. At any given time in the game, its ability “Active Support” can repair three allies.

Titan’s defense and durability will be increased by repairing squad members. The disposal ability of Nodens reduces enemy attacks by 50% when activated. Robots will also suffer 1,000 damage from it.

6: Arthur

War Robots’ Titan Arthur has a high resistance and can stand up to even the most powerful gamers. Damage and explosives can be blocked by its active physical shield.

Multiple robots around Arthur can be damaged by the ability “blast wave”. Ao Jun, Hawk, and Mercury cannot use their abilities when hit by a blast wave, which cannot be blocked by any shield.

The cost of unlocking Arthur in-game is 450 platinum. When using Titan Arthur, players can use three weapons. One hit can penetrate enemy shields with weapons such as Striker.

A Striker is capable of killing enemies at long distances and takes less time to reload than other War Robot weapons.

7: Sharanga

Designed and manufactured by Yan-di Ventures, Sharanga is a Titan robot with three hardpoints. The Cataclysm can be used to obliterate enemies from a mid-range and long-range distances.

It is capable of killing enemies from a distance and has 220 charges per magazine. It is possible to increase Sharanga’s damage output to 2,145 damage per hit by mounting up to 3 cataclysms.

Sharanga’s Full Power ability increases the damage of the 3 weapons by 40% for 3 seconds. In the game, it can be unlocked at level 25. There are 495,300 HP in the Titan robot. With its secondary ability, Phase Exile, it is capable of slowing faster-moving robots in battle.

8: Kid

For 300 platinum, you can purchase Kid, a Titan robot. In War Robots, it can be unlocked at level 30. DSC built Kid with 3 hardpoints and 3 passive module slots.

Multiple enemies can be mitigated by the Titan robot when it is equipped with Tsar. In mid-range combat, Tsar can be used to take out opponents with explosives.

9: Luchador

The Titan Fighter is one of the most durable robots in War Robots. The high HP of this weapon allows players to last longer in battle. For aggressive players who want to strike their enemies first, the Titan Luchador is perfect.

To deal lethal damage to opponents around it, Luchador can plunge into the air and smash into the ground with Frog Splash.

Luchador can be equipped with the weapon Kisten to mitigate opponents. Using the mid-range weapon Kisten, enemies can be destroyed within a few attacks. In addition to holding 220 explosives, Kisten is capable of annihilating opponents with adequate ammunition.

A PC, Android, or iOS device can be used to play War Robots.