Beginner Tips For Gunfire Reborn You Need To Know

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Although it may not be as well-known as some of the larger games that have been published in recent years, Gunfire Reborn is without a doubt one of the most exciting independent roguelikes currently available on the market.

Thankfully, it looks to be getting a little of steam owing to periodic updates from the creators and a tiny but committed community of players who keep coming back for more. This might be because of the combination of these two factors.

It seems like an increasing number of players are jumping on the bandwagon and attempting Gunfire Reborn for the first time, only to discover that it is a great deal more difficult than it looks to be on the surface.

Along the journey, there are a vast variety of foes to fight, various zones to explore, difficult bosses to overcome, and a plethora of great riches to acquire.

Players who are just getting started on their adventure through this exciting independent release may find the following recommendations helpful.

Choose Your Weapons Wisely

Gunfire Reborn has an extensive arsenal that can be unearthed by players. Players will continually gain new firearms, scrolls, abilities, and other items as they go through the game since it employs a Roguelike progression system; nevertheless, new players begin the game with access to a broad variety of weaponry.

Those who go headfirst into their first run could find themselves overwhelmed with weaponry and unclear of which ones are considered the “greatest firearms.”

Because of the way that Gunfire Reborn’s weapon system works, the answer to this question is a little bit mysterious. Because of the random modifications that are applied to weapons throughout the rolling process, certain weapons are much more powerful than others during any particular run.

It is recommended that players try out each of the several “types” of weapons available in order to determine which firearms seem the most natural to them.

Don’t Fear Death

Although players will need to remain on their feet as they move through the game and grow ever-closer to killing the boss in each level, death isn’t nearly as much of a problem in Gunfire Reborn as it could be in other games. In point of fact, there is no other way for characters to “develop.”

Players will earn Soul Essence as they go through each level. This is a currency that can be used at the conclusion of each playthrough to unlock new active and passive powers, as well as skills, for the character of the player’s choice.

Players can expect to perish at some point throughout their time spent playing Gunfire Reborn, particularly at the game’s beginning stages.

The majority of playable characters begin the game in a rather vulnerable state, which makes boss battles exceptionally challenging for players who have not yet acquired powerful weapons or useful scrolls.

Players shouldn’t be afraid of dying; instead, they should learn to roll with the punches and keep moving forward.

Don’t Use The Resurrect Feature Early On

In the first stages of the game, soul essence is quite important. It is the only item that can impart new abilities into characters and transform them into more advanced versions of themselves.

When players begin future runs, they will be in a better position to succeed if they had already unlocked character enhancements as quickly as possible.

In light of this, it is strongly recommended that players refrain from using the “resurrection function” in the event that they come dangerously close to passing out while engaged in combat.

It is just preferable to accept death and store the essence early on rather than risk losing the essence you have worked so hard to gain so soon. It is not worth spending the Soul Essence you have worked so hard to obtain.

Use Grenades Often

New players will initially only have access to the Crown Prince character, and it is recommended that they get comfortable with their equipment at this time.

The Crown Prince has a number of extra skills, one of which being the ability to launch acid grenades (which can be useful for ticking away enemy armor).

It will be necessary to replenish these grenades, and you may do so by looting them from the bodies of fallen foes or the breakable items strewn throughout each zone.

Many new players have a tendency to underestimate how useful these grenades really are. As a result, they don’t throw them very frequently, either out of fear that they’ll use them all up or because they’re just too preoccupied with all of the cool new firearms they discover strewn around the map.

Players should try to throw grenades as often as they can during battles since it is quite simple to restock their supplies. This is particularly true in the earlier stages of the game.

As a result of their inability to do nearly as much damage against bosses, they are best suited for usage against less formidable foes and may provide rookie players with an advantage in battle.

Learn About Each Character

In Gunfire Reborn, the characters are more than simply graphical representations of the player. Every character has their own one-of-a-kind set of powers, skills, and passive characteristics.

Players need to make it a point to become acquainted with characters when they are unlocked by the game, learning about their skills and figuring out what it is that they are “best” at doing.

Players won’t be able to use any of the characters right away, but they will be able to unlock them as soon as they make a reasonable amount of headway in each run (characters are unlocked based on player level, with more EXP being rewarded the farther a player progresses in a run).

Every character has their own one-of-a-kind playstyle, and some are better than others with specific types of weaponry.

Lei Luo, for example, specialises in critical hits and is good with long-range, hard-hitting weaponry, whereas Ao Bai is capable of dual-wielding and is good with automatic weapons. Both of these characters have their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

Put Soul Essence Into The Survival Tree First

Each playable character is equipped with their very own Talent tree, which has a wide variety of passive abilities that may be uncovered by spending Soul Essence. When it comes to Expedition, Battle, Skill, Survival, Weapon, and Hero, there are a total of six distinct routes that one may choose.

There are a significant number of nodes that need to be unlocked, and each of these routes reflects a different part of the character.

The temptation to unlock greater abilities, strive for more damage per second output, or boost the stats associated with obtaining better gear in each run will be strong among many players.

However, for novice players just starting out in the game, the optimal strategy is to invest as much Soul Essence as they possibly can into Survival throughout the early parts of the game.

To put it more simply, it is pointless for players to have a greater DPS output and better gear if they are unable to withstand more than a few of hits from foes before they are eliminated.

It doesn’t matter how potent the players’ weapons are; they will inevitably find themselves in chaotic gunfights at some point or another. In these situations, the ability to withstand damage is just as essential as the ability to deal it out.

Movement Speed Is Important

The first stages of each run are quite straightforward, with just a few foes present in each area; nevertheless, the level of difficulty soon increases as players go through the levels.

In point of fact, some of the latter stages include an overwhelming number of foes on the screen all at once, which may make the experience difficult to handle.

Movement Speed becomes a highly crucial factor as a result of this, as players will need to be able to swiftly avoid enemy gunfire while they are engaged in battle.

Many novice players are unaware of the fact that the size and kind of a character’s weapon have a direct bearing on how quickly that character can move. Those who are armed with a launcher or a powerful mini-gun will travel at a considerably slower rate than those who are armed with a pistol or a kunai.

Players will never be without their starting weapon, the Foundry, which has an infinite supply of ammunition, according to the design of the game.

Players always have the option to swap to this weapon in order to acquire some much-needed movement speed while engaging in challenging battles or traversing challenging platforming portions.

Pay Attention To Enemy Armor And Shields

The majority of the enemy that players will face at the beginning of the game just have a single red life bar, but as the player advances farther into the game, they will face enemies that have yellow armour bars and blue shield bars.

These foes may be a great deal more difficult to eliminate, but there are strategies and methods that can be used to tear through them. The colour of their bars has a direct correlation with the kind of element that players need to use against them.

In the current version of the game, fire-based weapons do significant damage to life bars, which are represented by the colour red.

A caustic weapon may swiftly remove armour bars (shown in yellow) by whittling away at them (or skills and grenades that are caustic element). When a player uses a lightning-based weapon to strike blue bars (shields), the bars fall off at an accelerated rate.

It’s important to always be prepared for any eventuality by stocking up on several kinds of weaponry and covering all of your bases.

Tailor Occult Scrolls To Each Character

Although this strategy is most beneficial when used in cooperative play with other players, it may still be useful for lone players who have progressed a significant distance in a particular run if they put in the effort. As players go through each zone, they will come across a broad variety of Occult Scrolls.

These scrolls may be found in many locations. These scrolls each contain a one-of-a-kind benefit that has the potential to shift the course of the fight by making heroes more powerful; yet, not every scroll is the ideal choice for every hero.

When first starting out, new players should devote their time to attentively reading scrolls and learning as much as they can about the character they want to play.

It is always to your advantage to synergize by equipping heroes with scrolls that compliment the playstyles and skills of the heroes they are paired with.

Those fortunate enough to be participating in a co-operative game with other players may, thankfully, drop scrolls and weapons for one another, therefore assisting each other in constructing a build that will take them farther into each run.

Learn Every Weapon

Gunfire Reborn has a LARGE arsenal of firearms, and the devs are always expanding the game’s selection with innovative and exciting new firearms (along with even more characters).

These firearms each have their own set of particular advantages and disadvantages, and certain inscriptions on a gun may transform it from being “okay” to being “very overpowering.”

Players should begin by acquiring as much knowledge as they can about these firearms, including what they are capable of and how to use them effectively.

Even though it is acceptable to have a preferred category of weapons (and it is strongly recommended that players use whatever weapons make them feel most at ease).

Players find themselves overlooking truly powerful items, either because they have had a negative experience with them in the past or because they typically view them as being less effective during each run.

Players should get comfortable with all that Gunfire Reborn has to offer as fast as possible, paying particular attention to reading through the affects that items have on their use and the powers that weapons have.