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Get swept up in the awesome action of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival as you enjoy the ultimate survival challenges and gameplay.

There are few who can make it out alive in a world dominated by the dead, let alone thrive. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options available to you, you have to kill zombies and enemies or you’ll die.

Your ultimate survival challenge in the game is to stay alive as long as you can. Set up a safe shelter, fight against zombies and all kinds of enemies.

Gather your group of survivors and fight against the nasty zombies. On your mobile device, you can enjoy the awesome RPG and strategy gameplay of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

Take a look at our review of this great mobile game from Scopely to learn more.


On your mobile devices, fans of The Walking Dead can enjoy their favorite survival gameplay. Robert Kirkman, the creator of the series, also brings you authentic stories and gameplay. Additionally, the series features a variety of important characters that gamers will find fascinating.

Taking on the ultimate survival challenges in a post-apocalyptic world with nasty zombies roaming free is what Android gamers can look forward to in the game.

There have also been constant conflicts between hostile groups of survivors. Considering how few of us are able to survive, humanity seems to have little hope for the future.

However, you must continue your survival journey. A group of survivors from the devastating zombie outbreaks will join Android gamers in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

 There will be nasty undead, hostile criminals, and worsening living conditions to contend with as the fight for survival starts.

Get ready for the ultimate zombie survival gameplay as you gather your survivors. Experience your own stories by taking on epic battles against the enemies, acquiring useful resources to continue your journey, and building up your bases to protect yourself from zombie attacks.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Fight against the nasty undead and survive the tough environments

In The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, gamers will find awesome mobile gameplay where they can engage in epic battles with the Walkers and undertake their own unique survival challenge.

Fighting fierce opponents who keep stepping into your path to challenge you. Engage in exciting strategy battles against multiple opponents. In your new zombie survival game, you’ll discover sad but incredibly enjoyable stories.

Collect and recruit new survivors in your journey

You can also gather your own group of survivors in the game, which also introduces Android gamers to the interesting survival gameplay.

You can encounter, rescue, and recruit them from multiple situations, have them on your team, and use their unique abilities in certain situations to gain an advantage. It’s absolutely incredible to be able to access all your favorite comic book survivors.

Upgrade your survivors to strengthen the group

Furthermore, your survivors can also be upgraded and powered up to become more powerful during battle. Get them constantly engaged in epic fights with zombies and let them earn some experience.

Enhance your survivors’ fighting skills, weapon utilization, and strategic capabilities as you level them up. As your characters level up, you’ll be able to easily power them up. To aid your survivors in their journeys, you can also equip them with epic weapons and equipment.

Explore and experience the in-depth strategy gameplay

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival players will also find that the game is highly strategy-driven with in-depth turn-based combats as they jump into the intense in-game battles.

To deal with your enemies, you need to make sure you choose the right team setups and strategies. Use your strengths to your advantage and exploit the weaknesses of your opponents. Your opponents will be effectively defeated as you score powerful hits on them.

Enjoy the game to the fullest with real locations from the comics

In addition to exploring iconic locations from the comic books, gamers will also find themselves exploring a variety of locations in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

Feel like you’ve jumped right into the game when you explore the cool 3D maps featuring familiar environments and setups.

Experience iconic The Walking Dead locations while fighting nasty Walkers. You will have to fight and conquer areas that can only be found in the series.

 In Alexandria, Woodbury, Sanctuary, and other locations, you must fight your enemies and protect your bases.

Build your community and construct your base

Android gamers will also be able to enjoy exciting builder and simulation gameplay in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. You must gather your survivors and construct a safe base where you can rest and be protected from the lurking dead.

You can build your community base with houses for enough survivors, expand your city by adding the Town Hall, and create new items in the Workshop.

Additionally, your camp should be surrounded by capable defenses. Besides zombies, other armed groups will attack you in this cruel war for resources.

Enjoy the game with friends and online gamers

Furthermore, Android gamers can also play with friends and other online gamers to make the game even more fun. Take part in epic raid battles against online opponents in the awesome All Out War mode.

There are hostile factions and zombies surrounding you as you play the massive open-world game. For the ever-diminishing resources, you must fight epic raids and defend battles.

Moreover, you can also ally with other players and join an alliance with them. Utilize the combined strength of you and your partner to combat your enemies. Play this epic multiplayer RPG strategy game with friends and battle together.

Experience your own stories in the game with multiple paths to follow

As part of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival’s vast storyline, gamers will find themselves being introduced to interesting events that happen at random.

Your strategy-based decisions here will determine how the story develops and which path you choose to follow. Each campaign in the game can be completely different from the others because you can write your own story.

Enjoy exciting live in-game events

Furthermore, the game also introduces Android gamers to exciting in-game events every once in a while. The game is incredibly relatable and enjoyable due to its real-life events. You can also join some special survivors if you take part in a variety of different events.

Free to play

Although this game is loaded with amazing features, it is currently free to play for all Android gamers. As a result, you don’t have to pay anything to download and install The Walking Dead: Road to Survival from the Google Play Store.

Enjoy unlocked gameplay with our mod

Additionally, with our mod, you will have access to The Walking Dead: Road to Survival’s completely unlocked gameplay.

Experiencing ad-free, unlimited money challenges is the highlight of this exciting survival game. The Walking Dead Road to Survival Mod APK can be downloaded and installed from our website instead.

Visual and sound quality


You will be completely hooked by the atmospheric gameplay in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival as you explore and experience the powerful and realistic visuals.

You’d feel like you’re actually living your ultimate survival experiences in this awesome game with its well-designed environments, nasty-looking monsters, and enjoyable cinematics. In addition, you can play the game on a wide range of mobile devices.


As The Walking Dead: Road to Survival introduces Android gamers to the epic gameplay of zombie survival, you’ll enjoy the immersive and atmospheric audio experience.

The powerful weapon effects, bone-chilling roars of the Walkers, and dynamic environments will keep you entertained. Gamers on Android would be able to fully enjoy survival challenges.

Final thoughts

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is, without a doubt, another amazing mobile game for those who enjoy Grim Soul and State of Survival on our website.

You won’t find other titles on the Android platform that offer the same level of survival, RPG, strategy, and simulation gameplay as this title.

It also gives comic fans the chance to relive their immersive and satisfying experiences from originally watching the stories.

We can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of the free and unlocked game, since it’s completely free and unlocked.