Supercell shuts down Rush Wars after three months of beta

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2 days ago
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A mere three months after Rush Wars launched, Supercell is shutting down another of its in-development games.

An official post from Supercell announcing its closure provided the following explanation as to why the decision was made:

As a result of your feedback about the game feeling repetitive, we implemented a few changes with a couple of updates, but the changes we implemented did not make the game more enjoyable in the long run and did not change the gameplay style enough for the game to be as fun as we would like.

Having the opportunity to work with Supercell, a developer of games who is known for having extraordinarily high standards for the games they design, has been a great pleasure for us.

Every time we release a game, we strive to make it so that it will be played for years to come and so it will be remembered for a long time to come.

We feel, unfortunately, that if we continued to work on Rush Wars, we would not be able to meet these high standards.

Even though Supercell has five currently-released games, the studio has a reputation for cancelling games that don’t meet the studio’s expectations and has been doing so for a number of years now.

The process of deciding whether to release a game takes place mostly internally, but there have also been other titles before Rush Wars that have undergone a similar soft launch and then were cancelled, such as Smash Land and Spooky Pop.