You can now download Street Fighter IV for Android

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The Android version of one of the most popular fighting games of all time, Tekken, was released last week. It would be safe to say that the Street Fighter franchise can compete with Namco’s title in terms of fame and recognition. T

he news just came in that we are now able to download Street Fighter IV Champion Edition for Android devices.

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition now available on Android

In fact, there was already an Android Street Fighter IV game in Japan, but its regional restriction prevented it from being played here. Furthermore, the Android version is seven months behind the iOS version. It’s better late than never, as they say.

This Street Fighter IV presentation trailer for its release on Apple devices is the first impression we have of what this Capcom Mobile game looks like, so let’s let that sink in. The Android version is a direct adaptation of the iOS version.

The trailer shows a brief gameplay scene that highlights the graphics quality of the game as compared to the game’s original release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

In fact, it is only normal that this should be the case, since the original port (and therefore, Street Fighter IV for Android as well) is based on the Nintendo 3DS version, which has limited capabilities in terms of technology.

However, this graphic sacrifice will enable the game to function better on Android phones with more modest technical specifications. It is worth noting that the game is displayed in good screen resolution, and the touch controls are responsive as well.

Even though the touch screen controls can be operated comfortably, Street Fighter IV is also compatible with bluetooth controllers and keyfobs that are connected via USB-OTG.

Moreover, the game allows you to redefine the controls at your convenience, so you can better adapt them to your playing style. We will only be able to use the controls in the game, since we must navigate through the menus using a touch screen.

Street Fighter IV game modes and options

The Street Fighter IV roster features 32 players, among them of course Ryu, Ken and Zangief, one of the most memorable characters in the saga. In addition, there will be Dan, which will be exclusively available for Android devices. The game also features a single player mode and a network multiplayer mode.

As in almost any other title in the series, we can advance in the story by defeating the enemies controlled by the CPU in single player mode or arcade mode.

Meanwhile, in the PvP mode (player against player), we can participate against other players located anywhere in the world via our WiFi connection. The application is also compatible with Google Play Games, allowing users to achieve achievements through the application.

It is now possible to download Street Fighter IV Champion Edition from the Google Play Store. You can play the game for free, but once you unlock the complete version, it will cost you 4,99 euros.