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Stranger Things: The Game

The official game for Stranger Things from Netflix and BonusXP!

Hawkins, Indiana is once again the scene of Stranger Things. Come along as Hopper and the kids embark on an exciting new adventure full of action and adventure!

In a way, it’s like 1984 all over again. There is no doubt that Stranger Things: The Game is an action adventure game that is true to the type of games our heroes would have played back in the day.

The best way to get to know Hawkins is to explore the surrounding area. Visit your favorite places, such as Mirkwood Forest and Hawkins Lab, and get a taste of what you’re used to. Find out where you’ve never seen before! Discover exciting places you’ve never seen before!

Using the unique abilities of each character, you will be able to solve puzzles. It doesn’t matter what Lucas throws at his Wrist Rocket, he can nail it. As far as Nancy’s bats go, she has an entire set to choose from this time around.

It is your duty to collect all the Eggos and Gnomes that you can lay your hands on. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what they might unlock.

Stranger Things: App features

There is a unique retro look to Stranger Things that is reminiscent of video games. This retro 80’s style and 2D old school mode has a bright appearance with a retro 80’s style and old school style. Please be informed that it has a setting and background in the 1980s for your information.

It is for this reason that this game has been designed to reflect the style and appearance of the 80s, to give the game a real arcade feel and look.

The fact that you couldn’t get a sophisticated and advanced 3D graphic in the 80s is undeniable. When played on the old Android version, the advantage of this appearance is that it is lighter.

As a result, the gameplay is less complicated as long as you are aware of the game structure and are familiar with the overall game play.

You will have to move between different spots as you progress through the dungeon. The completion of some dungeon missions awards players with a certain number of coins. 

Items will not be the only thing given to the player; coins of many kinds and hearts will also be offered. The result of them will be a significant increase in your gear and capabilities.

It is based on the characters you see on Stranger Things. Different skills are possessed by each of them.

It is important that the player chooses the right character for the mission if he or she is to survive. It takes place primarily at Howkins National Park and at the Forest Maze (as in the TV series).

It is necessary to complete the first mission before unlocking the second one. Your chosen character is on the verge of being destroyed by the enemies, so be cautious when exploring the new location.


  • The gameplay is simple.
  • A variety of missions, dungeons, and locations can be found in the game.
  • A greater number of items and coins can be found there.
  • The game can be played on any Android version.


  • Retro and 2D styles aren’t for everyone, let’s be honest

Stranger Things – Tips to Play the Game

Stranger Things is an enjoyable and easy to play game, even for those who have never played it before. It is possible to choose one character and just start breaking things as soon as you get started. It is possible for the breaking result to differ depending on your chosen character’s skills and capability.

Before making a decision, you should be aware of the capabilities of the company. Stranger Things: The Game for Android is a game where you are charged with completing a mission.

The player is faced with many obstacles that prevent him from completing the mission. It is necessary for you to have tools such as a map and gear in order to succeed.

Having a map in your arsenal is one of the most important things you can possess. It is possible that you will be able to find the other containers when you break the first one. You will need to use a map to locate all the items and then you will need to collect coins and hearts.

There will be different types of monsters with a wide variety of capabilities. If you are not able to kill them with a decent attack, then you should use a laser tool.

Hearts and coins, just like in other games, are valuable items that will allow you to expand your level and upgrade it if you need it. It is possible to purchase items, but you should be smart and efficient about how you spend them.

It is possible to obtain some items after you have broken an enemy’s defenses and killed them. It is therefore not necessary for you to pay for these items because they are free.

You should spend coins on necessary and crucial items that you cannot obtain directly from the environment.


  • New devices now have a fixed screen resolution
  • Max’s abilities have been updated
  • The Middle School door bug has been fixed