How to Play Special Forces Group 2 in Multiplayer on Lan

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There are three different modes available for playing multiplayer games with other people in SFG2. You are free to employ whichever of the following strategies best suits your needs.

  • Online Local through Wifi Hotspot
  • LAN Equipped With a Router

1. How to play Special forces group 2 in online Multiplayer Mode

Step 1: The Special Forces Group 2 game is now open.

Step 2: After clicking on multiplayer settings, click on “online” as shown below:

Step 3: Below is an example of how to create a room. It is important to note that you will need very good WiFi and a powerful device in order to host games online. You can use the Special Forces Group 2 lag fix guide if your device is lagging.

Step 4: You can start the game by setting the game settings and MAP as shown below.

Step 5: Join the room you just created with your friends.

2. How to play Special Forces Group 2 in Multiplayer Local Lan mode with Wifi hotspot

Step 1: The Special Forces Group 2 game is now open.

Step 2: The multiplayer settings can be found by clicking on the following link:

Step 3: Choose “Local with Hotspot” from the multiplayer section.

Step 4:  To host the game, the player must turn on his mobile hotspot and everyone else must connect to it. Internet-enabled devices will display annoying video ads, so it is recommended to disable them.

Step 5:  The “Create Game” option is located at the top left corner of the screen.

Step 6: You can choose from the list the map you want to play, for example, Room, Desert3, Nake, Winter, etc. You can also choose the game mode you want to play.

Step 7: Start the game after selecting the map and game mode. Depending on your internet connection, it may take a few minutes for the game to start.

Step 8: It is now necessary for the player who hosted the game to share his IP and port number. It’s set to 7777 by default. Below is an image to illustrate:

You can now invite your friends to join you by selecting the Local with hotspot option. You will then need to enter the IP address of the Game host. The two of you are now connected and can play together.

The game must be played by all players with the same version.

3. How to play Special forces group 2 in Multiplayer mode with LAN using a router

The majority of individuals who do not have a background in technology will find that this way is a bit more challenging.

In order to accept connections, you will need to access the settings of your router and open certain ports (7777). This will allow you to host servers so that you and your friends may play together.

First, open either your phone or your router and enter in the gateway address that is associated with your router. In most cases, it will be a number like or, or something like.

This is dependent on the router that you use. To discover your IP address on your router using Windows, you may use the ipconfig command.

Step 2: Navigate to your router’s settings and look for the port forwarding options. The configuration differs from router to router.

Using your local IP address, forward port 7777 using a port forwarding programme.

Create and run a game as the fourth step in the process.

The fifth step is to choose the game mode and map that you wish to play from the list that displays (for example, Desert3, Nake, Winter, etc.). Additionally, choose the gameplay option that you wish to use.

Start the game after you’ve decided on the map and the gameplay mode in Step 6. The beginning of the game won’t begin for a few minutes. Please be patient.

Step 7: Once you are through designing the game, ask the other players to find the game by clicking the button that says “Find Game.” They should be able to join your game from this point on.

That wraps it up! You have established a connection to the game successfully.

I really hope that you found this article helpful in figuring out how to play SFG2 with other people by utilising the multiplayer wifi hotspot approach.

In such case, you always have the option of using the online multiplayer approach. I really hope you had fun with the game.

Key features of SFG2

If you want to see the life of special commandos you have to play sfg2. It has realistic 3d graphics and a good sound which increases your interest more about that game. Some main features of the game are 

A lot of guns

If you keep an interest in different types of guns you must play sfg2. It provides information about different types of guns. Its manufacturer its company and its price. You can gather a lot of information about the guns.

Free skin on weapons

You can get the free weapon skin in sfg2. You can also make and create your own skin which you like. There are 134 samples of gun skin. It helps you to improve your painting skills.


There are more than 30 maps in sfg2. You can also discover new maps.  All of the maps are too much interesting.

Ultra 3D Graphics 

The main feature of this game is its ultra 3D graphics. It graphic is soo much more realistic than in other game. This makes this game more interesting you might be addicted to this game.

Sound and music

Sound is the basic feature of the game. Sfg2 also has a good sound tune and good background music. You can hear a single word from your teammate. Without music, you may get bored.

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