Soul Knight APK + MOD (Unlimited Money,Unlocked All) v4.3.8

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Anybody would love to download and play Soul Knight MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked All) right now.

About Soul Knight

Over the last few days, I have played this interesting game for 19 hours. The Soul Knight is a combination of a role-playing game and a shooter game genre that you and I have probably always wanted to experience at least once. Released by ChillyRoom, it is available for Android and iOS.

As the best shooter on Google Play and Appstore up to this point, this game combines elements of RPG and shooter genres to give you a great experience. In this game, you will be able to destroy everything around you by exploring the dark castle, collecting weapons, and avoiding bullets. Hint: Try our MOD APK version of Otherworld Legends as well. Otherworld Legends relies heavily on kung fu to combat.


The game has a storyline similar to “Enter The Dungeon”. Playing it will be challenging and challenging. Those who have played will see the similarities. In each level, you will wipe out enemies with your heroes. Heroes are more than just weapons and bullets. Some heroes can be activated with gems, while others can only be bought with IAP for $1. In my case, free heroes are enough. If I lose, I can spend 200 jade or watch an ad to be revived. I can also restart.

When you win a level, you can hire mercenaries to help you defeat all enemies in the level. You will lose money to hire them, which you can earn if you win. If you hire up to 3 mercenaries, you will be able to accomplish a lot.

Weapons and pets

There are 170 different weapons for you to choose from as you progress through the doors of Soul Knight. Mana or soul (blue bar) is needed to use weapons, which include guns, blades, bows, and lasers.

Using a gun can destroy enemy units quickly, but it consumes a lot of mana, so you rarely use it. Blades can deal more damage, but their range is short, and I prefer blades since they don’t consume mana.

In the beginning, you had a cat (my favorite pet) to help you fight the enemy. A new pet can be purchased, but it seems that the skin color of the pet is different.

Unlock new heroes

The game opens in the Living Room, where all the heroes appear. Their stats and abilities differ.

Heroes can be purchased with money in the game, while some heroes require real money to purchase. As heroes are upgraded, they receive additional stats including HP, energy, cooldown reduction, ammunition, etc.


Among the things I like about Soul Knight are its legendary Pixel 2D graphics. You will be extremely pleased with this simple graphical platform, as well as the attractive music in the game.

I’m reminded of Stardew Valley by its graphics.


The game’s currencies are gold and gems. The gold currency is used for hiring soldiers and purchasing support items. Gems are the more expensive currency, used to purchase new characters and pets, upgrade your current characters, and buy buffs. It is also possible to win more gems by playing the minigame in the lobby.

My favorite part of this game is that there are no ads, except for the ones you see when you receive 200 gems. To know how powerful a weapon is, you have to buy it to get the stats.

MOD APK version of Soul Knight

MOD v1 features

Unlimited gems

Unlimited seeds, craft materials, items

Unlimited eggs

Unlock all characters

Unlock all skins

Unlock all paid skills

Unlock all plots in the garden

Unlock all pets

Unlock all weapons

Unlock all decorate: Magic Well, Fish Tank, Holy Statue, Beverage Vending Machine…

Free craft

MOD v2 features

All features of v1

No Skill CD

Unlimited Energy


Do I have to lose my game data if I update to the latest version?

It is assured that your game progress will remain intact if you download a newer MOD version at APKMODY while playing a MOD version uploaded by APKMODY.

However, if you are using the original or MOD at another address, you must back up your process data first.

After the update, there are no new skins / skills / heroes?

The old version should be deleted completely if this happens. The software should then be installed.

For Android, download Soul Knight MOD APK

I enjoy playing Soul Knight quite a bit. After reading this article, I would download and play Soul Knight immediately. You can download Soul Knight on your phone for free.through thePlease find below the original and MOD versions (the MOD version will include many gems, unlock all characters…).