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Play Shop Titans Design & Trade if you want to become a hero and save the world from evil monsters. It’s not the typical hero game that you’re accustomed to.

In fact, the only combat in this game is the crafting of weapons and equipment for the other heroes. It doesn’t mean, however, that you are not important.

Your character is probably one of the most important ones in the game. You can provide your allies with a great deal of value by crafting items for them.

Keeping improving your humble shop over time is the key to success. The world’s greatest crafting mogul will eventually emerge from you.

Having said that, let’s learn everything you need to know about this amazing Android game.


At the beginning of the game, you are a new crafter in town. It will be up to you to build your own shop using nothing but your useful knowledge.

The shop must be built slowly but steadily into the best in the region. Develop a wealthy crafting empire by cooperating with the blacksmiths, tailors, priestesses, carpenters, and herbalists in your village.

You can make a fortune by selling high-quality goods to the heroes defending your village.

You can hire heroes to gather resources for you and return them to you once their orders are completed. To ensure a safe community, let’s build a strong community.


Many exciting features are introduced in this game that you won’t find in any other game:

Customize your characters

Your characters can be customized with many features as you begin your journey in Shop Titans Design & Trade. It is possible to choose different hairstyles, nose shapes, skin tones, eye types, and so on.

Make your character stand out from the rest by spending time on it. You can also change the characters’ clothing, accessories, etc.

Become a master shop keeper and turn yourself into a business mogul

Creating a prosperous crafting empire in your village is your ultimate goal in cc. Create powerful items and weapons by collecting high-quality materials. Heroes will protect your village from intruders if you sell them to them.

You should keep doing that as your business grows and expands. Make your shop more customer-friendly by adding new goods and services. As you become the local mogul, expand your business.

Build your own fantasy shop from scratches

Your businesses will need to be started from scratch and all work will be done by yourself at first. Having said that, you must use the materials you have collected to create your very own store.

Earn your reputations by delivering your first orders quickly to heroes. Eventually, you can expand your business and hire employees to help you. Make your shop more accessible and appealing by customizing your furniture.

Craft epic weapons and gears

Slowly increase the level of complexity of your orders by starting with the simplest. To meet the requirements of each hero class, you will need to learn how to make different types of weapons.

The materials you need can be obtained by traveling to various locations and taking down epic monsters.

Don’t let anything stop you from making legendary weapons. It is also possible for you to design your own signature weapons that could become a hit with everyone.

Play the game with your friends and build a prosperous town

This game isn’t meant to be played alone, in fact, thousands of online players are allowed to join Shop Titans Design & Trade. Make your town prosperous and famous by teaming up with each other.

Be the boss and recruit heroes to work for you

The more wealthy you become, the less necessary it is to go out and risk your life in order to get crafting materials. Rather than having to gather goods themselves, players can hire capable heroes to do it for them.

Make sure you take good care of your team of heroes. To help your heroes succeed in their missions, give them the best weapons and equipment.

You should pay attention to the team composition since we have different hero classes in this game. Before you send them out on missions, make sure you have what they need.

Explore the trading options with online players

With Shop Titans Design & Trade, gamers are able to trade with other crafters all over the world in order to expand their businesses. Take the time to negotiate the best deals for yourself. Sell your goods all over the world and quickly become rich.

Take down epic bosses to earn rare loots

A dark forest and deep caverns also hide mystical creatures in Shop Titans Design & Trade. The monsters can be taken down by gathering your heroes. There is a good chance that you’ll earn valuable loot most of the time.

Complete quests and missions in your campaign

Players can still take on the different quests and missions the game offers despite the fact that it is mostly free to explore.

Your tasks will earn you valuable prizes if you complete them. Those who rarely receive orders, such as new shop owners, can greatly benefit from this.

Free to play

You can play the game for free and in most regions of the world, so you will have no problem starting to enjoy it. To dive into the world of legendary craftsmen and shop owners, access the Google Play Store, download and install the game.

Visual and sound quality


Players only engage in peaceful activities in the friendly art style of this game. You may have to go find loot, but that’s mainly the job of the heroes. Because of this, the game is extremely friendly and can be played anywhere and with anyone.

It is also equipped with excellent graphics and detailed items to make you feel as if you are a true crafting tycoon.


While playing Shop Titans Design & Trade, you will experience peaceful and relaxing soundtracks.

Download Shop Titans Mod latest 10.2.1 Android APK

There is no doubt that Shop Titans Design & Trade is a good cross between tycoon and adventure games. Discover our happy craftsmen’s world and enjoy different gameplay.