Shop Titans APK + MOD (Unlimited Gems) v11.0.2

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In games that have become familiar to generations of players, heroes save the world from evil forces. When you defeat your enemies, these games give you a feeling of pride and glory. Does anyone not want to be a hero? Today I would like to introduce to you a new game based on heroes but completely different from the traditional ones. That’s Shop Titans MOD APK, an interesting simulation game from Kabam Games.

A brief introduction to Shop Titans

There are still monsters in Shop Titans, but the participants are heroic characters instead of you. Creating powerful weapons for the heroes is your duty. Don’t underestimate the importance of your role! Weapons are an indispensable part of the warrior’s arsenal. You will also help save the world while becoming the world’s biggest weapons manufacturer and trader.

A master shopkeeper

There are dungeons filled with monsters around you as a new blacksmith in town. Do not worry, though! Heroic individuals have already stepped forward to destroy them. Despite the tremendous power of the monsters, the heroes still need useful equipment to fight them. With your passion, you will create a store to provide weapons, armor, and medicines.

Each hero has unique powers that are yet to be awakened. Craft weapons that are tailored to the abilities of each hero in order to awaken those powers. With strong equipment, heroes can easily defeat their enemies in the dungeon. In return, you will receive lots of booty and gold coins.

Become a weapon tycoon

To avoid going bankrupt, you can manage weapon stores and create powerful weapons for champions. The shop titans feature a search mode where you can find weapons with great power and work with tailors, pharmacists, carpenters… Your champion will need supporting items, such as medicine, hats, or armor, once you have recruited a great army. After fighting monsters in epic battles in new lands, you will embark on an adventure. As you explore, you will discover new weapons to add to your arsenal.

Create a shop and develop it

You should also build your character with a good appearance after possessing the largest weapons store. With your clothing, hairstyle, and clothes, you can create a unique look for your character. You can build a prosperous, busy town with your friends. Along with heroes who protect the world, you can explore undiscovered lands and take part in adventures. Create a prosperous and expansive town.


With stunning graphics, Shop Titans’ characters are highly detailed. Realistic battle scenes and powerful monsters make the games more engaging than ever. You can also explore mysterious areas in the game.

APK version of Shop Titans with MODs

Feature of MOD

The number of gems is unlimited

Android MOD APK for Shop Titans

The RPG genre and adventure game genres are combined in Shop Titans, which transcends the conventional definition of a simulation game. Consequently, players are immersed in a completely new world. Each episode of the game keeps the player intrigued with many surprises. By playing Shop Titans, you will experience fun entertainment moments.