Shadow Fight 2 APK + MOD (Unlimited money) v2.23.0

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With this version, you will be able to earn a lot of money after each game, and the price of the product is one, so you can afford it!

About Shadow Fight 2

As the most successful version of the Shadow Fight series, Shadow Fight 2 is a fighting game developed by Nekki. As the first game I want to introduce to you, Shadow Fight 2 is also among the best.


An epic film introduces the story of the game.

You are the shadow

As a samurai warrior in Shadow Fight 2, you will travel the world to find your opponent. With your victory, he becomes arrogant and breaks the Gate of Shadows seal. It is here that the most dangerous enemies of the world are imprisoned.

Having made a mistake, he suffered the consequences. The whole world of darkness was liberated, and Gate Of Shadows’ powerful magic attracted his appearance. Realizing that something was wrong and could harm the world, he resolved to practice and fight to banish them. He finally managed to bring their spirits down.


In Tekken and Mortal Kombat, which are traditional RPGs, you use the control keys to move, attack, and dodge the enemy’s attacks. What is important is that you combine the keys in order to create skills and combos constantly.

Great fighting effect

There are countless lethal weapons, divided into four categories:

Use weapons or hit with your hand

Your legs: Use kick to attack the enemy

Long-range damage cast by Dag

Using magic to attack is the role of a mage

There are several difficulty levels in Shadow Fight 2, ranging from extremely easy to extremely difficult. The first stage is primarily for you to familiarize yourself with the controls so that you can pass without much difficulty. As the game progresses, the difficulty will increase, and you will have to adapt quickly or else get shot instantly.

Game Modes

Despite its relatively easy difficulty and lack of features, Shadow Fight 2 is not for those who are impatient. You need to be patient if you want to complete it all. As long as the game keeps adding new effects and areas to explore, it will remain appealing.

In Duels mode, choose a character

The first step is to conquer plot mode: include 7 bosses in 7 chapters.Especially in the last chapter, you will see all the bosses that have been defeated before. Bosses will be strong in the There is a defeatable plot. By improving your equipment, skills, and attacking, you will be able to defeat it. A boss and his bodyguard must be killed before the storyline can be unlocked. Secondary mode: Earn money to buy equipment and upgrade your character.




Ascension: Winning this mode, you will receive special outfits and special attributes.


Special modes: Underworld, Eclipse (Eclipse)


Due to Nekki’s exclusive technology, this 2D game looks very nice and friendly instead of highlighting the subject in the background. In addition, the storyline of the game already explains the reason for this.

2D graphics, but extremely beautiful

When you are participating in battles, you can see how smooth the game is. A combination of strikes, character effects, and weapons creates an action movie. This explains what the samurai spirit is all about: Agitation, Concentration, and Decision-Making. Hence, Shadow Fight 2 is not a hasty game.

As Nekki has shifted the essence of the game to an immersive dimension without exploiting its core element, resistance, it is still limited to the definition of a “half-season” fighting game. However, this has enabled us to develop a unique game style, one that is very easy to play, requires less manipulation but has strong addictive qualities. This game can also be played with friends wirelessly.

MOD APK version of Shadow Fight 2

MOD features

Unlimited Money:

You will have a lot of money, enough to buy equipments and items in the game.

Unlimited Energy:

Each 10 minutes, you will receive 1 energy point.

For more energy, use gems to buy.

There is also a special edition of this game that allows you to play without energy restrictions, allowing you to play freely without limiting your energy usage.

How to install

The game may hang at level 8 if you do not follow this guide when installing.

Step 1: Download and install Bypass Enchantment version.

Step 2: Play through the enchantment screen at level 8.

Step 3: Download and install the MOD version overwrite to the Bypass Enchantment version.

Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK Download

No other game has a better combination of interface and gameplay. There are multiple platforms it supports, including Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. Shadow Fight 2 has done a great job here. Although Shadow Fight 3 is more visually appealing, this game still holds its own.