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Fun game for your phone

You can try your luck at winning some gems while playing this simple game.

Simple but interesting game

There is nothing complicated about the game, but it can be addictive

This game was developed by metal mobile games and can be found on the SayGames website. There is no age restriction for this puzzle game, which can be played by anyone.

You can download it from the playstore for free if you have an Android version 4.1 or above. You will have to allocate 25MB of your memory to play this game, but it is a lot of fun to play.

It’s one of those games that doesn’t require a manual to play, which makes it simple. The only controls you need to master are your fingers.

Unless you want to turn off or on the sound, there are not a lot of settings to change in this simple game.

The game starts with the first level as soon as you launch it after downloading. The balls will follow a path you make with your finger in the sand. To move as many balls to a waiting truck as possible, you should collect as many balls as possible.

It is important to avoid obstacles along the way, otherwise some balls will not reach the truck. It is therefore impossible to burrow through the sand at high speed as you might leave some balls behind.

There are some obstacles that aren’t bad, such as bombs that explode to make room for the balls. You cannot advance to the next level if you fail to collect enough balls. The level will have to be restarted.

You earn gems after completing each level. New balls can be obtained by using gems. In between the levels of the game, the player can also play some bonus levels.

It is interesting that as you progress through the levels, there are different obstacles to overcome. Obstacles can blow up or prevent your balls from falling, so be careful.

Gifts are offered in the game, but collecting them seems difficult. One of the buttons does not work, while the other does. The gems are yours regardless. It’s also not possible to move back up, so be careful not to leave any balls behind. There is no button for collecting a new car, so it is easier just to collect points.

Considering it’s a free game, you’ll see ads while playing it, which can be irritating. The game can be downloaded and played offline, so the ads won’t bother you.

Is there a better alternative?

Unblock ball is a puzzle game with sand balls that you will enjoy playing if you like moving balls. The ball is guided to the goal by guiding it in the right direction. The only difference between it and sand balls is that there is only one ball involved.

This same puzzle category also includes rolling the balls. There is also a hole that needs to be guided into by guiding some balls. Using your device, you can tilt the ball in the direction you want it to go. Besides sand balls, these games are also easy to play and do not require much skill to play.

Where can you run this game?

The game is compatible with Android devices running version 4.1 or higher. From your browser or from the Playstore, you can download the game. It is given a rating of 3+ despite its description stating it is not intended for children.

Consequently, children are not at risk from playing the game, and they can have it installed on their devices.

Our take

It’s an easy game to learn and doesn’t require much explanation. To make the balls follow, simply drag your finger. Anyone can play the game because of its user-friendly design. Regular updates have been made to the game since it was released. Developers will be able to see this, which is good

Should you download it?

This free game is a good download if you like simple games to pass the time. This is a good game if you don’t like games that involve aggressive activities such as running and fighting. This game is almost impossible to lose, as long as you collect enough balls, you keep moving up the levels.

It is also a game that you are free to play at your own pace without being concerned about losing points. It’s possible to play the game offline so you won’t have to deal with constant ads, and you can easily move between levels.