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Play the best Battle Royale game on your mobile device!

With tens of millions of downloads worldwide, the android FPS game ranks first in many countries. What makes Pubg Mobile so appealing? Find out in this article.

In the worldwide gaming community, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is extremely popular on both PC and Xbox. A new version of PUBG mobile apk was introduced to gamers as a result of the rapid growth of mobile games. Is it worthwhile to invest the time in it? Once you read our Pubg Mobile review, you will know the answer.

What is PUBG?

PUBG simply means “player versus player”. In 2000, a Japanese director produced the movie “Battle Royal.” This is an adaptation of that film. Players are required to parachute on to a deserted island after a free-fall parachute jump. To fight against each other, they will search for weapons and other essential equipment.

This game can be played with any strategy you like. Running, hiding, ambushing, or using a decoy are all options in a one-on-one fight. The mission is accomplished when you eliminate all other players (or teams) since there is only one sole survivor (or only two/four depending on your game mode).

About PUBG apk for mobile

A Korean company released PUBG on PC first, followed by an official launch on Xbox a year later. Tencent, the largest revenue-generating game company in China, introduced PUBG Mobile APK to the world. In spite of being created by a different company, the game offers the same content as the PC and console versions. Pubg Lite is also available for everyone.

As soon as PUBG Mobile APK was released, it became an instant hit which was not only due to it’s graphics and gameplay that are very similar to its PC version, but also because it was a free game.

As a result of its rapid success, this game has been ranked among the top Android and iOS games across a number of countries, with millions of downloads in just two weeks. This article will provide you with a link to download the PUBG Mobile APK.


PUBG Mobile has simplified graphics in comparison to PUBG on PC and Xbox. There is a lot of empty space inside the houses now.

There is also a reduction in the game’s texture. When players parachute in at the beginning of the game, you cannot see clearly the details of the island as you normally do on the PC version. Instead, you are surrounded by a fog over the entire scene. The game has still managed to maintain good details despite having a small screen, compared to the large screen of a tablet.

Sound designs

A successful game relies on many factors, including sound. Listening to the surroundings or to the footsteps of the opponent is especially important in shooting games. It can assist players in detecting enemy movements, giving them an advantage during a match.

It has been designed to immerse you into the world of Battle Royale, with the most realistic sounds. This game is produced with great care when it comes to the design of the sound in PUBG Mobile APK. You can hear the footsteps of enemies loudly clacking in the distance.

The sound of gunfire can be heard quite far away as well. In order to judge the opponent’s actions, you need to be able to discern their postures and movements, such as walking, leaning, crawling…making different sounds.


It’s almost the same gameplay as PUBG Mobile for Xbox. You can play alone, in a pair (duo), or in a squad of four (squad). However, the game only includes one scene. The players will initially search for weapons and equipment scattered around the island before they start hunting each other. If you survive as long as you can, you will receive a reward.

PUBG and other similar games include Forcefield as a gameplay element if you’ve never played the PC and Xbox versions. A player within a damaged area loses health, while a safe area prevents other players from getting sick. There is a large emphasis on speeding up the melee and limiting the maximum time of the match.

“Forcefield” is like a “hunger cycle” where all the surviving players are forced to fight to the death after a certain period of time. If it isn’t present, the battle will go on forever. This is especially true when many players choose to “camp” in a “hidden corner” and wait for the game to come to them rather than start immediately.

Apart from the climbing abilities that can only be found in the PC version of PUBG Mobile, this APK also adds PUBG Mobile’s climbing abilities. For players who do not wear headphones or do not have their speakers turned on during gameplay, some minimap adjustments have been made in order to support them, such as displaying footsteps and gunfire if they do not have their headphones or speakers on.

It is also possible to encounter some NPCs in this game besides real players. NPCs can assist new players in getting accustomed to the game. In general, the higher the player’s level, the less likely NPCs will appear. Actual players are more likely to replace NPCs.


Not only is this the biggest competitor to PUBG, but to any game requiring FPS (First-person shooter) skills as well. There are many difficulties when taking control, especially when shooting, due to the fact that each action is performed by touching the screen.

Despite having shooting support enabled, you may not be able to accurately shoot and move flexibly to avoid enemy bullets, and vice versa. Alternatively, you can change the controls so that you can shoot with both the right and left sides of the screen. However, this is something that will take a lot of practice to get used to.

Requirement for mobile

Android and iOS versions of PUBG Mobile are available. In order to run the Android version, you will need Android 5.1.1 and at least 2GB of RAM, however, for the iOS version you will need iPhone 6 and iOS 11 or faster.

Final words

The real PUBG experience on mobile is the same as what players get on PC and Xbox. However, it still suffers from some controls problems, which make it hard for beginners or even skilled players to fully control the game.

The developer releases a new update every month, as he does every month. There are new features and improvements that have been implemented in order to provide players with the best possible experience. Even though PUBG Mobile APK may tire you out, you will never get bored as you play it.

It is said that the only way to become perfect is through practice. For me, this is true no matter what situation one is in. I think that it would be foolish to miss out on this game if you are new to PUBG. PUBG Mobile APK will be a good option for you if you have played PUBG on PC or Xbox before. Hopefully, you will not get too addicted to it.