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Music lovers will find Project: Muse to be a great mobile title to enjoy on their Android devices if they are interested in the exciting game of music.


Android gamers can have absolute blasts with their favorite audio experiences in Project: Muse, as the mobile game includes a wide variety of great indie songs.

With Project: Muse, you will be able to enjoy the relaxing and fun game of music while following the captivating stories of the characters.

You can play the awesome music game on any mobile device and dive into the world of music. Android gamers will have absolute fun playing Project:

Muse thanks to its great collection of high-quality audio tracks from the most amazing indie artists, as well as its brilliant and innovative gameplay of rhythmic actions.

With our comprehensive reviews, you can discover more about Rinzz Co’s awesome mobile game.


Hundreds of great songs are available to Android gamers in Project: Muse, the perfect mobile title for enjoying great music. Join the cute and beautiful muses on their many adventures at the same time.

You can further immerse yourself in the game by exploring their secret spaces and discovering their hidden stories.

You will be able to join the amazing muses in their awesome rhythmic games as you explore this awesome mobile title from Rinzz Co. 

You can unlock a variety of great songs with varying levels of in-game music. Rhythmic and visually stunning, you will have a blast playing this game.

Experience a wide variety of in-game challenges and interesting quests, each of which will give you a unique gaming experience.

Get access to the exciting online games that you can play with friends and worldwide gamers. In-game experiences can be customized to suit your preferences. Participate in global competitions. There is no end to the list.


The following are all the exciting features of the game:

Simple and easy to play

The simple controls and gameplay mechanics of Project: Muse will make it easy for gamers to get comfortable with the game. Listen to the rhymes and follow the beats as you tap on the falling notes.

Ensure that your executions are perfect in order to earn the perfect scores. Hit the perfect combos and get your epic high scores in each level by following your rhythm.

Enjoy the game to the fullest with the fun and interactive gameplay and convenient touch controls.

Enjoy the innovative and fun rhythm gameplay

On any of your mobile devices, you won’t have any problem enjoying Project: Muse’s creative and entertaining rhythm gaming.

Project: Muse players will always receive the most enjoyment out of their in-game experiences thanks to real-time key pronunciation, a multi-track music game, and many more creative features.

Dance to the beats and follow the electronic sounds’ patterns as you lose yourself in the tunes’ emotional content.

You will be able to appreciate your favourite songs in completely new spectrums thanks to the rhythm gaming.

Great songs from many original music producers

If you’re interested, you may now explore the magnificent Project: Muse mobile game and listen to tonnes of fantastic original music created by talented creators.

Discover their many electronic music genres, which are featured in the game and are continually updated. Enjoy the many fantastic tracks from the game, each of which will provide you a unique way to experience your Project: Muse experiences.

Utilize the various theme music bundles to your advantage to get the most out of the in-game experiences. You should wear headphones when listening to high-fidelity music to have the greatest experiences.

Varying levels of difficulty to keep you engaged

Android players will have varied levels of difficulty in each of their tracks using Project: Muse. Simply choose one of them to begin playing your tunes while you are on the road.

As you progress to the upper levels, you won’t have any problem using the fantastic melodies and enjoying all of their variants.

You won’t ever find the game to be monotonous or uninteresting thanks to all of these factors.

Have fun working with many themed skins

Project: Muse gives mobile players a tonne of themed skin options so they may have the most enjoyment possible while playing. Each of your characters may be given one of these cool and original skins, allowing you to completely alter how they look by changing various parameters.

Additionally, working with each of your skins will be much more fun because to the outstanding visual effects and captivating animations.

Interesting characters to play with

Android players may enjoy their favourite game with more than 40 different characters in Project: Muse, each with their own distinct personalities and traits. Enjoy exploring all of the fantastic music levels.

Pick up your awesome goodies and begin revealing more characters so you can play longer. Feel free to select any of your preferred musical selections and begin playing with your preferred characters while enjoying them.

Feel free to personalize your persona space

Players of Project: Muse can introduce their preferred muses in their own custom persona spaces using the provided characters.

Here, the game offers players a variety of captivating sets and environments for your cool muse. Allow for a variety of slots for different characters, and feel free to customise them as needed.

Mysterious quests with rich plot

Additionally, you may opt to play the game and enjoy intriguing people that have their own tales and storylines.

Discover the fascinating storylines and intriguing plots with ease as you explore the great mobile application. This will make the music game much more enjoyable and engaging.

Have fun playing with friends and online gamers

If you’re interested, you may now enjoy playing the thrilling game Project: Muse online with friends and others from across the globe.

You may participate in friendly games with other players or challenge the epic international tournaments where you and your muses will compete for the highest scores possible.

Log in and sign your data

Players of Project: Muse may now log in to the game by connecting to their Facebook or Google accounts, which adds to the game’s intrigue. Your online buddies who are also playing this game can be unlocked here.

Have access to the online sync capability concurrently so that all of your linked devices may see the same progress. Additionally, this will be helpful if you ever lose your offline saves.

Complete daily tasks to earn rewards

In Project: Muse, players may select from a variety of daily activities, each of which offers a new set of gaming obstacles. Complete your daily tasks to gain your game’s many wonderful rewards.

Enjoy your many free gifts

Enjoy your numerous free presents that you have earned by participating in the game at the same time. All you have to do is return daily to collect your daily rewards and build up the prizes for your free weekly offers.

Offer obvious improvements on Amblyopia

This fantastic mobile game from Project: Muse will be an excellent game for individuals who suffer from the awful ailment of amblyopia since it enables you to have fun while also improving your circumstances.

Utilize the fantastic game to hone your vision and encourage young children’s eye development.

Free to play

The excellent mobile game Project: Muse is still available to play for free on mobile devices in spite of all its intriguing features.

If you’re intrigued, all you have to do is download the game for free from the Google Play Store and start playing.

However, given that the free game still features adverts and in-app sales, mobile gamers might want to think about switching to the Project: Muse hacked version on our website.

Enjoy the unlocked gameplay using our mod

Here, we provide a customised version of the game that still costs nothing but has no commercials and infinite functionality.

You only need to download the Project: Muse Mod APK, install it correctly using the instructions provided, and then start using all of its numerous unlocked features immediately.

Visual and sound quality


The game features responsive and spectacular graphic aspects to always keep you hooked on the thrilling game of rhythms and fantastic animations, much like Muse Dash and Deemo.

Always appreciate how the musical notes, rhythms, and your inspirations interplay in unique ways. Additionally, the aesthetically undemanding gameplay will guarantee that you have a seamless and enjoyable experience across all of your devices.

Sound & Music

Project: Muse features spectacular sound effects and powerful soundtracks in addition to its stunning graphics to keep you engrossed throughout the entire experience.

Additionally, using a set of headphones is strongly advised for the optimum audio quality.

Final thoughts

Prepare to enjoy Project: Muse, a spectacular music-themed mobile game, as you participate in the numerous rhythmic adventures of the fascinating characters.

Learn about the many fantastic music produced by independent artists worldwide.

Enjoy the dazzling game of rhythms while submerging yourself in the stirring music. All of this will enable you to really appreciate Project: Muse, a fantastic mobile game.