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Pixel Gun 3D is an exciting multiplayer shooter that immerses players into an endless world of shooting and exciting weapons. Our review of this product will provide you with all the details you need.


To shoot down your enemies, you must follow the journey of the main character in the game. Aiming and shooting require heavy calculations as well as quick thinking to achieve success.

The game also features multiple offline and online game in addition to the single-player campaign.

Take part in exciting game such as Pixel Man, Capture the Flag, Battle Royale, online team battles, or intense solo battles against other players.


Playing the game is a lot of fun, it’s very exciting and addictive. If you play offline, you’ll find things you won’t find in other FPS games if you play offline.

You can also experience the fun and frenzy of pixelated Battle Royale in online multiplayer matches. You might be interested in these awesome features:

Enjoy the latest Battle Royale game on Android

Play this unique pixelated Battle Royale game with millions of other players around the world. Each match can have up to 100 survivors and four different maps to explore. Become the last person standing on the field by fighting for your life.

Build forts: Protect yours and loot other’s for incredible rewards

Pixel Gun 3D has an awesome feature where people can organize clans and battle one another.

Defend your Clan Fortress against invaders and loot other players’ forts for valuable rewards. Additionally, you’ll be able to access Clan Chests, which contain items to enhance your forts.

Experience the Zombie apocalypses in the intensive offline gameplay

You can also try experiencing the endless chaos of the Zombie apocalypse if you get bored playing the same stages in the campaign.

Your best weapon will be your best weapon as you fight off the incoming enemies. You can choose to live or to die. Try to survive zombie swamps for as long as possible.

Up to 11 different game

As with most games on the market, Pixel Gun 3D offers a wide variety of gaming such as Death Match, Arena, Survival, Co-Op Survival, Campaign, etc. You’ll always find plenty of fun and excitement here.

Discover huge maps with up to 30+ locations

The game would take you through different adventures in different regions as you progress through your campaign.

Nuclear cities, sniper forts, space arenas, and many other types of maps would be available in each region. To win each map, you will need to devise different tactics.

Huge collection of accessible weapons

It’s best to equip yourself with powerful weapons to deal with swamps of monsters coming at you or win a dual match against your opponents.

The Pixel Gun 3D game features dozens of different weapons for players to choose from. Use each weapon cleverly in order to gain the upper hand, since each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Useful gadgets to help you deal with the enemies

You can use awesome gadgets other than weapons to deal significant damage to your enemies during a match.

Jet Packs, for example, give you an immense advantage in vision, allowing you to hover over your enemies. You could also wear an energy shield to defend yourself against incoming firearms.

Raise your pets to help you with combats

Moreover, players are also able to have pets to help them during battle. You can win against the enemies by using their powers and abilities. Make sure you choose the right pet since there is only one available.

Craft your own items

Using the Crafting feature, you can create your own desired items instead of collecting them through missions, challenges, or foraging. Crafting items from different materials allows gamers to create their own items.

Dress yourself up as anything you like

When your characters go into battle, they should also be properly dressed. You would be able to bypass the enemies’ guard with the awesome costumes because they provide realistic camouflage effects. This allows you to surprise them.

Unlimited access with our hack version

Pixel Gun 3D is an enjoyable game, but it includes in-app purchases that make the game less interesting. You can easily solve this problem by downloading our Pixel Gun 3d hack apk for free.

This allows you to access all the powerful items and gadgets in the game. The game can be won quickly as a result.


A similar style to Minecraft is featured in the game’s pixelated art. Although Pixel Gun 3D is a first-person shooter, there is no blood or gore in its graphics. The game is therefore quite accessible to all ages.

Aside from that, even with pixelated graphics, the lighting effects of gunshots and weapon clashes are quite realistic.

Throughout the gameplay, the game remains smooth, which adds to the overall experience. The game runs smoothly on low-end machines without any noticeable lags or stutters.


There are many sound effects, including gunshots, metal crashes, explosions, and other sounds. Playing the game makes you feel like you’re on a battlefield.