What Are the Top Piano Games for Android?

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You’re playing a piano game on your Android phone when suddenly you feel the urge to play one. What are the best ones to try? The following ten are listed.

1.    Piano Tiles 2

Don’t Tap the White Tile, the first game in the Piano Tiles series, has been followed up by something much simpler. The first step in playing Guitar Hero is to tap on the right piano keys as they appear on the screen.

You will begin with ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,’ but you will soon move onto other songs. Depending on your success, you’ll also unlock new tunes as you level-up. Keep your finger on the right notes and you’ll be fine.

The Good

As difficult as it is to follow-up a successful game, Piano Tiles 2 does a great job of giving you a great piano game that’ll test your reflexes and keep you entertained.

The Bad

The songs aren’t all unlocked from the beginning, and there’s a very limiting energy system that prevents long mobile gaming sessions, unless you pay up or watch a lot of ads.

2. Magic White Piano: Music Tiles

You are thrown into a series of endless piano tiles right after choosing your music level in Magic White Piano: Music Tiles. Unlike other piano games, however, you won’t just tap, but you’ll also have to hold certain keys until you reach the end, then release.

It’s possible to earn three stars and earn coins the longer you last in each level, but make sure you tap and hold just right, because you’ll have to restart if you miss a note.

The Good

The controls of Magic White Piano are pretty intuitive, so it will be easy for you to learn how to play. A punishing difficulty level and reflex tests will make this a game you will not want to miss.

The Bad

The real punishment for losing seems to be watching an ad or playing a demo after you lose. To be honest, the graphics here are quite plain compared to most piano games. There’s nothing truly unique or distinctive about this game.

3. Don’t Tap The White Tile

Piano Tiles 2, Don’t Tap the White Tile was aggravating players searching for piano games before the monster hit, but in a positive manner.

You may choose from a number of game modes from the main menu, including Classic, Arcade, Slide, Rush, Zen, and Arcade+. Start by touching on the black piano key after selecting the game you wish to play.

Piano Tiles 2 will keep track of how quickly you can tap without making a mistake, but you must avoid tapping outside of the piano key or on a black key that has a bomb to avoid losing the game.

The Good

A top-notch soundtrack for Don’t Tap the White Tiles includes a number of familiar chimes and songs. Additionally, you will be tested on your mobile reflexes by this game’s barrage of attacks. With a variety of game modes, you won’t be able to put it down for very long, making it the ideal pass time.

The Bad

You’ll need to find out how to play on your own because there isn’t a tutorial available. Additionally, be prepared to encounter several full-screen advertisements and demonstrations after resuming a game.

4. White Tiles 4: Classic Piano

Are you looking for a slower approach to play a game with piano tiles? Or are you just seeking for other gaming options? According to reports, White Tiles 4: Classic Piano offers more than 138 distinct piano game play modes. Simply click on the large Start screen to begin.

You are then sent to the game mode you requested. When playing in Classic mode, tapping on the right piano will cause the game to play slowly instead of swiftly. Additionally, there are game modes based on Frogger, Flappy Bird, and racing games.

The Good

If Classic doesn’t persuade you, there are a tonne other easy-to-understand game modes for you to check out, so you’ll find something you like.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the developer Brighthouse went beyond by bombarding you with advertising. Did you fail and wished to try again? An ad. exploring a brand-new game mode? An ad. This game isn’t particularly enjoyable to play overall, and the animations and UI are very basic.

5. Happy Piano – Rhythm Tap Tiles

Are you feeling joyful? Hopefully, says developer Piano Music Games. If you have the money, Happy Piano – Rhythm Tap Tiles will start out with all of the tracks unlocked.

To continue, touch on the appropriate piano tile in this game, which has the same basic gameplay as the other piano games on the list.

You get to pick the level to progress through, unlike other piano games, which rely on limitless piano tiles. But be ready since you’ll need to tap the piano keys and occasionally hold down your finger on the screen. Here, you also receive daily incentives.

The Good

With a terrific music, upbeat tunes, and demanding gameplay, Happy Keys isn’t too difficult to understand and will have you going back for more. Additionally, this game is compatible with Android devices as ancient as 2.3.

The Bad

You will have to put up with the lives system, token system, and diamonds system, which means that if you lose, you could have to pay to keep playing.

6. Piano Music Tiles 2: Romance

Do you think love exists? Play traditional romance tunes in Piano Music Tiles 2: Romance. Simply choose the level, pre-listen to the song, and start running.

You’ll need to timing your taps on the black piano keys and see how far you can go by tapping certain notes while holding others. You can access other stages, such as Bella Riva and Mary Had a Little Lamb, if you have accumulated enough money.

The Good

If you’ve played any previous piano game, you can play Piano Music Tiles 2 right away because it uses the same gameplay mechanics as other games. In addition, the soundtrack has a number of well-known songs.

The Bad

Actually, Piano Music Tiles 2 may function a lot more efficiently. You’ll also have to deal with paying to unlock levels because the coin system feels like a grind, and this game still needs some development in terms of reliability.

Finally, Piano Music Tiles 2 doesn’t actually add anything new, isn’t special, and isn’t creative.

7. Piano Star

Take a long, right shot at the shooting star. You’ll play Piano Star using the same gameplay principles as previous piano games. Choose your level, tap the appropriate tile, being careful not to tap the incorrect one, tap and hold, and continue.

The game is simple enough for those who are unfamiliar with the genre; it has a slower pace, a completion marker at the top, daily rewards for playing, and coins that you can spend to unlock higher levels. Get tapping to get that lovely star.

The Good

Having a terrific music, a respectable number of levels, and being approachable, easy to pick up, and hard, Piano Star doesn’t really alter the formula for piano games.

The Bad

However, there isn’t really much new about this, since Piano Star seems to be an outright copy of Happy Piano, right down to the levels and the identical UI as well as the money and lives system.

8. Piano Challenges 2 Magic Tiles

Developer Amanotes wants you to feel the beat when you play the black piano tiles rather than simply touching them. It could be a good idea to begin with the well-known Zanarkand tune from Final Fantasy X. Both current music and timeless tunes are included in Piano Challenges 2 Music Tiles.

To create the recognisable tones from each music, you must tap when it is appropriate and hold your tap for a certain period of time. If you lose, you can keep playing by using the unlocked diamonds. Continue tapping to open up new levels and experience the rhythm of each piano melody.

The Good

Piano Challenges 2 doesn’t add anything new to the genre, but you’ll still feel the difficulty right away because it starts off slowly before getting harder. There are also over 200 songs in the game that you can unlock as you go.

The Bad

It needs permission to utilise your media collection, which is never fully explained, and it has access to your GPS and phone number, all of which are dubious permissions.

Additionally, it takes a while for the game to start, you must download song data before playing, and the hard setting feels overly demanding. Massive UI screen glitch issues are another issue.

9. Magic Black Piano: Music Tiles

You may pick the tune you wish to play through in Magic Black Piano. You must then press and hold down the black piano tile at precisely the proper time, much as in other piano games of the same genre. Coins will be awarded to you for each successful tap.

You’ll hear songs like The Show, Soledad, and Betrayal as you progress through the game, and you can buy songs with the cash you earn like My Heart Will Go On, Auld Lang Syne, and Yesterday Once More. Play whichever you like, collect your coins, and reach the highest level you can.

The Good

The user interface of Magic Black Piano is simple, making it easier for you to choose your levels quickly. Additionally, you’ll discover a real challenge here as the levels ramp up rapidly.

The Bad

You will have to put up with two issues. First off, there are much too many fullscreen advertisements. Second, nothing here is actually original or creative enough to keep you coming back for more. It feels overly plain while having a tidy user interface.

10. Piano Dance Beat

Piano Dance Beat is the piano game on this list that most closely resembles Guitar Hero and subsequently Rock Band. You are granted four key lanes at the bottom of each level. The piano keys will drop from the top, so you’ll need to tap quickly.

But unlike other piano games, this one won’t let you fail the level if you make a mistake. Instead, the game keeps track of your hits and misses and determines your final score. The keys will come at you quickly, so be sure you’re quick.

The Good

In addition to having easy-to-use controls and a great music, Piano Dance Beat is a game that feels and looks great to play.

Additionally, it has snappy controls and a strong neon user interface. As a result, the keys will light up, creating for a fun piano game.

The Bad

Ads will be present, and newcomers to piano games may find the reflex task too difficult.