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In One Piece Bounty Rush, players engage in real-time 3D action-fighting (MOBA). Playing the game, you can become a legendary pirate in the famous manga world One Piece. A 3D anime arena offers amazing skills and action scenes.

Several characters from the One Piece universe will appear, including Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates. Incorporated is the company that produces the game.

As a pirate, you will have a full experience of the game from a third-person perspective. Take on your opponents in real-time 4 vs 4 pvp battles, steal treasure, and win tons of coins.

About Gameplay

A team of four can be formed in One Piece Bounty Rush. There will be a battle between your team and a group of rival pirates. By participating in online combat with other teams or completing challenging missions, you can earn loot.

It is important for your team to work together and master skills together if you want to win every round. Real-time 4v4 fighting battles are offered in the game. There is a treasure hunt on the map in which players compete for treasure.

By destroying all enemies on the field, you should be able to collect all the coins. To maximize your score, attack the opponent’s base and steal the treasure chest if you feel you are strong enough.

Gameplay in One Piece Bounty Rush is straightforward. Three of the five treasure areas on the map must be occupied in order to win. Time must be spent on each zone for at least fifteen seconds.

If you capture all five treasure areas on the map before the match is over, you can end it early. After the match, your team will receive a reward based on how many treasures it holds. The game simulates the “flag robbery” experience of One Piece anime.

There are also a number of other interesting game modes in One Piece Bounty Rush. A popular mode in the game is “Alliance Battle”, which involves capturing your opponent’s treasure.

There is also a “Challenge Battle” mode that requires you to use specific characters in order to complete. The more challenges you complete, the more points your team will earn and the higher they will climb on the individual leaderboards.

There are many interesting boss battles in the new mode “Boss Battle.”. The team must reach certain conditions before the final battle can be fought.

The more tournaments you win, the higher rank your favorite character will achieve, and you’ll be rewarded with several attractive items to increase its power.

Despite its similarities to the original comic book version, One Piece Bounty Rush offers a lot of interesting content. The game allows you to use popular One Piece characters such as Luffy, Zolo, or Sanj.

Attack, defense, and speed are the three abilities possessed by each character. Each character retains its original power and skill, and everything is unique. Luffy, for instance, has a very powerful “rubber hit”.

By learning, practicing, and matching the right characters, you can form the strongest treasure robbery team. Each battle lets you unlock more characters as you collect fragments from your character.

A typical RPG experience is offered by One Piece Bounty Rush. There are five types of characters: warriors, swordsmen, gunners, support, and tanks. The more treasures you collect, the higher your character’s level and skills will be.

To win the League and Solo matches, you strategize the team and choose the right class. Your character can also change his or her Characteristics in battle by equipping Medals. As a result, the game will become more enjoyable in the long run.

Gold coins are the base currency in One Piece Bounty Rush. Your characters can be upgraded / trained with gold coins, and character shards can be purchased in the shop for gold coins.

Rainbow Diamonds are a more premium currency for exchanging special characters. A player can purchase character fragments in the store with “Battle Points” – currency earned from a “League Battle” in the game.

The “Battle Points” are also used for upgrading fragments, so after you upgrade a fragment, a character is formed. Gold Bars are rare materials used during special events for exchanging special items. Obtaining “gold bars” requires participation in Alliance Wars, which are extremely challenging.

With One Piece Bounty Rush, you will have access to the entire universe of One Piece. Maps and settings for play / combat vary depending on the game. As a result, gamers of all types can maximize their gaming experience.

Battles are fought in familiar locations from the anime, including the Baratie restaurant on the sea and Alabasta’s desert kingdom. Besides that, each match is filled with items from the One Piece universe, adding excitement to the game.

There are, however, some limitations to the game. Characters are limited in number in the first place. As well as this, those who love the fighting genre may find the combat system to be too simple.

Those who are unfamiliar with third-person perspectives may find it challenging. Additionally, winning powerful features may require real money.


There is an intuitive control interface in One Piece Bounty Rush, and everything is easy to observe even in complex battles. Command buttons are placed in a suitable location, allowing players to interact with the screen clearly.

Players can move their characters using the left sidebar. Players can use interesting attacks, skills, and emojis on the right sidebar. A mobile device can be adjusted to adapt to the game’s screen.

Graphics and sound

There is a successful return of One Piece Bounty Rush to the manga world of One Piece. It has been recreated into an amazing 3D environment, and all the characters are in it.

It is your duty to attend the fierce battles that take place on the battlefields of One Piece. It features detailed character designs, as well as famous scenes (such as the Baratie Restaurant, Arlong Park, Drum Island, Corrida Arena, etc.).

The game is designed in a cartoon style, making it suitable for a wide audience. There is a lot of effort put into the sound, so we would be able to hear all of the action effects of the character. As well as familiar soundtracks from One Piece, you hear songs from various other anime series.

For full enjoyment of the One Piece universe, you can try the “ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE”. The game has animated 2D graphics and belongs to the strategy genre. The ONE PIECE anime world gives you the opportunity to build your dream pirate team.

It includes over 2,000 characters from the ONE PIECE story, and you can customize your squad however you like. With characters such as Chopper, Princess Shirahoshi, and Vivi, you’re reunited with heroes and villains from every stage of One Piece.


This 3D MOBA phone game is amazing if you love manga One Piece, and you should try it. A legendary pirate treasure awaits you in One Piece, as you transform into one of the most famous pirates in history and compete fiercely for it.

Several game modes and character upgrades are available so you can build your own squad. There are many events and famous places in One Piece in the game.

A very vivid sound, as well as animated 3D graphics. Prepare your pirate team for the fierce online battle, and defeat your competing groups.