Naruto: Slugfest, A Basic Beginner’s Guide On Your Road To Becoming A True Shinobi!

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There is now an Open Beta available for Naruto: Slugfest! It’s the world’s first Naruto-based 3D open world mobile MMORPG that already has fans of the franchise under its genjutsu! It’s no different for us!

You’ll learn all about the basic features, character classes, and vital information you need to become a legendary ninja in this guide. You have to master the basics before you can become a great Shinobi!

Taking place in the Naruto Shippuden timeline, the game culminates with Naruto returning to Konoha Village in the aftermath of his two-year training at the hands of the legendary Sannin, Jiraiya.

Also, the terrorist ninja group, Akatsuki, is becoming more active, which poses the biggest threat to the Five Shinobi Nations. The guide also includes a discussion of how Naruto must deal with the loss of a brother, Sasuke, as well as Orochimaru’s power for vengeance on Itachi.

Character creation

In the game, you can choose from four different classes. It is more commonly known as character roles, because each of them has its own skills, playstyle, and purpose.

Earth Keeper (Defense – Potent)

They can switch between assault/potent and defense types. Shinobi on the front line Since they can deal huge amounts of melee damage and have high defense, they are the game’s de facto tankers. AoE attacks and crowd control are their main focus.

Their special traits include lifesteal attacks and bonus shields for increased survivability. There is no doubt that Earth Keepers outlast anyone on the battlefield, and they are a vital part of any team.

Wind Shooter (Range – Tactical)

They can switch between range and agility/tactical types. In addition to dealing sustained damage to an enemy formation and disrupting it, wind shooters prefer to operate from a safe distance.

Those with agility, on the other hand, prefer hit-and-run tactics, which can get them out of trouble and enable them to do damage at range.

When they use range type weapons, they can also further increase their range of attack and damage output making them even more deadly.

Blazing Lotus (Medical – Fire)

They can switch from pyro to medical. Their ability to manipulate life forces allows them to deal enormous damage, but at the same time, they can also heal and buff their team with their healing and skills.

Special traits of these creatures can either increase their movement speed and make them more resistant to crowd control effects or add additional damage by inflicting burns on their targets.

There is no team without Blazing Lotus ninjas. It is always a good idea to have a Lotus on your team if you want to survive longer, or even if you just want to live.

Thunder Assassin (Mobile – Stealth)

They can switch between mobile and stealth modes. Thunder Assassins are excellent at close-quarter combat, but they can also deal damage from a distance if the situation calls for it.

They prefer to use hit-and-run tactics, inflicting severe damage and then backing off and hiding until they have another opportunity to strike.

Their damage absorb skills allow them to move behind enemies and strike them while defending themselves. If they attack from behind, they can deal more damage because their critical rate increases. 

Character menu

You can open the character menu by pressing the icon for your character on the upper left side of the screen. Your character’s total combat power, stats, titles you’ve unlocked, achievements you’ve unlocked, and an inventory shortcut are available here.

It is also possible to set up the degree of potion consumption. You can set a threshold for how long it takes for potions to be consumed automatically. 

Types of camera view

The Naruto: Slugfest environment can be viewed in three ways. There are no pros or cons associated with camera angles in the game. It depends more on a player’s personal preference.

  • The screen will be fixed in an isometric view when in 2.5D mode. For those who suffer from 3D sickness, this is recommended.
  • Your character will be tracked by the camera in 3D mode.
  • The camera can be freely rotated in 3D+ mode by swiping anywhere. Using this method, you can set the view to what you like.

Leveling / Questing

The majority of your time will be taken up by questing at the beginning. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that complicated since almost everything is automated nowadays.

The task menu located on the left side of the screen is where you can check your main quests as well as side quests that you have available. If you tap on the mission, your character will automatically move to the location of the mission.

As auto-combat will be unlocked later on, you’ll need to punch these buttons to learn what skill combinations and sets work best for you.

The quests are also peppered with mini instant challenges that require skill and know-how to complete, such as balancing your chakra to climb a tree.


Your gear can be managed through the forge menu. Leveling up your gear is done through the enhancement menu. A Magatama is a gem you embed in a gear to give it additional stat boosts, similar to gems in other games.

With the Enchant and Fuse menus, you can further enhance your gear’s strength, and you can combine two gears with the same tier to receive higher-tier gear.

There’s nothing you’ve seen before in a mobile RPG like this. It doesn’t matter how many games you play with the same kind of gear feature and mechanic, you’ve seen them all.


With the game, you can summon some of your favorite Naruto characters to help you in battle and become your shinobi partner. You can summon a partner by using ramen vouchers on the partner menu. The summoning of a random character depends on your luck.

In the case that you don’t, you’ll be given shards. You can accumulate these shards and combine them to summon partners once you have enough. Every day, free summons can be used.

Leveling up your partner will also allow you to customize them. The codex is where you can check which characters you might be able to recruit after cultivating your partner. Partner ranks begin with B, then A, then S, then SS. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to recruit partners of SS rank.

There are also menus for the character’s backstory, a gallery where you can see artwork and images, and an album where you can see which ones you already own.

The process of using your partner is fairly straightforward. The check mark located in the character icon is all you need to do in order to equip them. Each partner can be equipped with up to two items.

It is possible to use them as skills. You can summon them to your side during combat by tapping their icons located beside your skill icons. Then, they’ll perform their special move to attack your opponents. 


There is a wide range of skills in each class. The types can be categorized into three categories. You can customize the movesets of each class depending on your playstyle, but all classes have four sets to choose from.

The right side of the screen will display information about the particular skill and its effects when you tap the icon. Spending skill points will allow you to level up your skills.

The easiest way to earn skill points is to level up or buy more skill points with money. It is possible to unlock the second set of skills at level 30 and the ultimate skills at level 11.

Other features

  • Benefits: Your login rewards can be picked up here.
  • Using in: game currency or real money, you can buy featured items here.
  • A Clan: The “guild” system in the game is known as a clan. You can join a guild or start a guild with your friends to benefit from the benefits of a clan.
  • Newbie: It serves both as a reward tier and as a guide for new players. The app basically shows you what you need to do next and rewards you for completing it.
  • Friends: The game allows you to add friends.
  • Settings: change your game’s settings, your resolution, and your account information.

This Naruto: Slugfest guide was written to help you get started in the right direction in Naruto: Slugfest and we hope it will prove helpful.0

It is important to remember that all legendary shinobi started by mastering the basics, just like you are doing now. We hope this will give you an advantage and give you a head start! I look forward to seeing you in Konoha!\