My Cafe: Recipes & Stories

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Features of My Cafe:

Your hands should not be restricted on a tiny screen of your phone while playing My Cafe: Recipes & Stories – World Cooking Game. Take control of your game with a keyboard and mouse like a pro. You can expect all the things that you want from MEmu.

The PC version of My Cafe: Recipes & Stories – World Cooking Game is now available for download. No more battery limitations, mobile data restrictions, or interruptions from annoying calls.

When it comes to playing My Cafe: Recipes & Stories – World Cooking Game on PC, MEmu 7 is the best choice. My Cafe: Recipes & Stories – World Cooking Game features an exquisite preset keymapping system prepared with our expertise.

Playing two or more accounts simultaneously on the same device is possible with the multi-instance manager, which is coded with our absorption.

Moreover, our exclusive emulation engine can unlock the full potential of your PC, making everything run smoothly. The entire process of enjoying gaming is important to us, not just the way you play.

Screenshots & Video of My Cafe: Recipes & Stories – World Cooking Game PC

Use MEmu Android Emulator to download My Cafe: Recipes & Stories – World Cooking Game for PC. Having a big screen makes playing more enjoyable. Are you a coffee and fun lover?

Game Info

Would you like to have fun while drinking coffee? This is the right place for you. Take part in your very own restaurant story game in My Cafe.

Create a 5-star restaurant out of your cafe and make it the talk of the city. Show the cooking game world what success looks like by expanding your MyCafe empire. Are you ready? Come on, let’s go!

In this exciting cooking game adventure, what will you find?


Use your entrepreneurial skills to grow your cafe business in this coffee game simulator. Level up your kitchen game by expanding the menu, filling the fridge with goodies, and making coffee.

The goal of the cooking simulator game is to dominate the universe by managing your restaurant and your team. Your customers will be delighted with the delicious coffee you pour, the new items you add, and the incredible meals that you cook.

Turn a simple cafeteria into a restaurant with award-winning cuisine by becoming the chef.

It’s game time for waiters! If you want to succeed in this cooking adventure, you’ll need to hire professionals. The restaurant games challenge can’t be won without a team like this, which includes waiting staff, baristas, and a cooking organizer.


Turn that cooking mama cafe into a chic cafe by unleashing your inner restaurant games designer.

Your creativity is the only limit in this restaurant game. Decorate your humble little coffee shop however you like, arrange the furniture, and make it your own.

There’s something here for everyone, whether you’re looking to level up your burger game or rock your street food to restaurant adventure.


Cooking simulator adventures are never boring. You’ll be rushed off your feet playing kitchen games, staying on top of big cooking trends, serving games, and more!

Get to know your potential customers and the characters of coffee town. Create tasty treats and unique coffee recipes based on your customers’ favorite drinks and snacks.

Coffee and desserts will be served to everyone in the community, from the local librarian to the grade-school teacher to the police officer. Keep your customers happy by getting their orders right.

Are there any dramas? A romantic relationship? There is something for everyone at MyCafe. In the cafe world, you’ll go on a culinary journey unlike any other. Possibly you’ll even meet someone who shares your passion for cooking.

It’s up to you what you choose. Here’s your story about cooking. Discover an unmissable diner games adventure in the My Cafe simulation game.