Mini Militia Army War App Review

Shoot-'em-up war game Mini Militia Army War pits players against other soldiers. The user must avoid or shoot down opposing characters as a "wanted man."
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Shoot-’em-up war game Mini Militia Army War pits players against other soldiers. The user must avoid or shoot down opposing characters as a “wanted man.”

Other features include:

  • Sounds
  • 12 levels
  • Optional upgrades of weapons
  • Two characters to choose from
  • Control character using the control console on the screen


There is no doubt that Mini Militia Army War is a high-quality app that works smoothly, allowing users to move forward or backwards as they try to eliminate enemies and avoid being killed. While the graphics in this game are violent, they are not particularly realistic, so most young users will not have issues distinguishing fact from fiction.

It is somewhat difficult (at least for me) to control the character’s movements using the on-screen joystick, but I am admittingly not very knowledgeable about this type of game. Parents should be informed of the advantages of playing as well as the policy regarding in-app purchases in this game.


The purpose of this app is not educational.


This game is very simplistic as far as such games go, and the storyline for the main character is one-dimensional. The first level consists of a forward-backward street with opponents running across the screen in an attempt to shoot the main character.

They are capable of being shot, thrown, or leapt over by the main character. The character must jump over a few obstacles to progress, and he can land (or hide) on a few rooftops and alcoves above street level.

There are 12 levels with increasingly challenging challenges and even better weapons, such as automatic rifles, helicopters, etc., note the developers.  They can be obtained by exchanging earned coins in the game or through in-app purchases. The players may also purchase (with real money) an ad-free experience. The game does have links to social media and Game Center for competitive play.


The game is available for free on the App Store, and you can play it over and over again by watching advertisements to gain extra lives.

Child Friendliness

There are many in-app purchases and outside advertisements in this app. The app contains links to other websites that aren’t protected. Parents may not consider the game suitable for young children because the premise is quite violent.