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The Nether Update adds revamped underground dimensions and a number of new features to Minecraft PE on Android.

MCPE What’s new?

Minecon 2019 was the first time the Nether Update was announced by the game’s developers. In this update, there are many things to see. The Nether will have biomes, as it turns out.

Also, the pigmen will be replaced by piglins in a new civilization. We will now be on the periphery of this place with our old friends. MCPE now refers to zombie piglins as zombified piglins.


New blocks are not an excuse for not updating Minecraft PE Ancient debris is one of the most valuable blocks. According to one report, it has now overtaken diamonds in popularity.

According to some reports, this debris is stronger than diamonds. It also doesn’t burn in lava when used as armor. Faster tools and a more robust system.

As part of the updated Nether of Minecraft PE, you can find blackstone and basalt blocks.

Basalt deltas are usually where you find them. A new biome has been added to the game.

Items and fixes

The game is constantly being updated with new items. Piglin Remnants has chains that players can use this time.

MCPE has Crimson and Warped planks, nyliums, fungi, roots, and stems. Crying obsidian is even present. Nether spawn points can be changed with it.

A few tweaks and fixes have also been released by Mojang to improve the game’s performance. There is a promise that Minecraft PE will be more enjoyable to play.


Furthermore, the lodestone can be used with a compass. Your compass will be anchored to this block and you’ll be guided by it.

As a result, you’ll be able to create waypoints in the Nether that have never been possible before.

A blue flame will now appear on all types of soul blocks. Azure fire can even be used to craft torches and campfires in MCPE

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Minecraft PE


DO YOU KNOW IF MCPE has any new pets?

It is possible to mount striders with warped fungi.


Among the new animals of the Nether are hoglins and zoglins.


I can actually use it now. Leaves can be removed with it.