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For Android users, Minecraft PE Nether Update is now available for free. The Underground world has been completely overhauled.

How does MCPE differ from

New mobs, blocks, and biomes are included in every update made by Mojang.All aspects of the game are being improved by the developers..Hence, Minecraft PE has so many unique features. The Nether now has three biomes: the Warped and Crimson Forest, Soul Sand Valley, and Basalt Delta. All three biomes offer a variety of outstanding blocks, creatures, and an unforgettable atmosphere.


There is now a term for pigmen called zombified piglin. It is all because a new civilization has come to the Nether in MCPE are now replacing the pigmen.

Meanwhile, in Overworld, the parrots don’t stick in flight mode. As a form of protection, panicking mobs now deal all damage types. And some mobs have the ability to pick up armor in Minecraft PE Since iron is better, they will prioritize iron over chainmail from now on.


Every update has introduced new blocks. Blocks have always been a major part of gameplay.T And this time is no exception.Foremost, there are two new types of wood to build with. The two spawn in Crimson and Warped Forests of the Nether, respectively. It is a joy to craft with these colors. Walls are now connected to all types of blocks in Minecraft PE In Minecraft PE, mushroom stems no longer drop brown mushrooms when mined with silk touches.


Mojang AB not only added a lot of new features but also fixed old issues. Some players reported flickering enchanted items in their inventory, including paintings. Thanks to the release of MCPE, this issue has been resolved.

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MCPE contains how many new blocks?

The number of new blocks is over 100.


In Soul Sand Valleys and Basalt Deltas, basalt columns usually spawn.


Using nephrite to craft gear is better than using diamonds.