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Hundreds of new mobs and dungeons have been added to Minecraft PE Nether Update

 How does MCPE differ from previous versions?

Minecon 2019 was a big event because of the announcement of the Nether Update. With the Nether Update, Pigmen and Ghast were redesigned, bringing life to this place. There are approximately two dozen blocks to build with in Minecraft PE and there is a lot more to discover. In addition to ancient debris, there are also netherrite blocks to explore.

Diamonds have long been known as the game’s most durable material. It no longer exists in MCPE

However, you must be courageous and patient to obtain it. It is not easy to obtain. In the Nether, it naturally generates just as diamonds do in the Overworld. Once you find it, MCPE allows you to convert it to ingots using melted debris and gold ingots. You can then mix it with diamond tools or armor.


There used to be nothing growing or living in the Nether, as it was a dull and monotonous place. Since Minecraft PE, this has changed. Now, there are five distinct subbiomes, each with a unique ecosystem.

As an example, let’s look at new forests. As an example, Crimson Woods is home to a variety of new plants and living organisms, including hoglins. The Warped Forest, on the other hand, is a tranquil, peaceful place where you can escape the massive beasts. Piglins and hoglins are terrified of anything warped.

Deltas and Valley

Basalt Deltas are the best-looking place in the Nether, among all upcoming biomes. A charming atmosphere is created by sparse ash flies. Blocks of basalt and magma are found here. In Minecraft PE, this biome is inhabited by skeletons and ghasts.

There are only sorrows, fossils, and piles of bones in this cursed region.

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Striders are the new mountable mobs of MCPE


New race Piglins can be bartered with.

Is it possible to get food in the NETHER of Minecraft PE  

The hoglins do drop meat.