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PE Nether Update is available free on Android: new music discs and soundtrack, banner patterns, and other features have been added.

How does MCPE differ from MCPE

At Minecon 2019, the Nether Update was announcedMinecraft . The Nether will be overhauled by Mojang. Since its initial release, there have been no updates.

Nevertheless, it is time for change, and this dimension is no exception. You can build up to something epic with delightful blocks. There will be no dull moments in MCPE

Finally, the players’ long-requested light sources have been added to Minecraft PE This includes the ability to light soul soil and sand with blue flames. It can also be used to craft torches, lamps, and campfires. Therefore, we do not have different colors, but we do have blue. It is likely that many builders have already changed their designs.

The respawn anchor block is also present. It sets new spawn points in the Nether of MCPE To find them, you just need to find crying obsidian.

Bartering with piglins is the easiest way to do it: they’ll sell it to you happily. Get the block you need by exchanging six crying obsidians for three glowstone dusts. It should be placed and filled with glowstone.

As a result, every time you die in the Nether, you’ll be teleported there.


It has been a long time since players have asked for a new light source. This has finally been implemented in Minecraft PE The soul soil or sand will glow blue when lit. You can also craft azure torches and lamps. As a result, we have only one color, blue. Several builders have already adjusted their designs. A respawn anchor block has also been added. This is used to set up new spawn points in the Nether of MCPE All you have to do is find crying obsidian. Piglins are more than happy to sell it to you. In order to get a block, you need six crying obsidians and three glowstone dust. Add glowstone dust and place it.


Players of Minecraft PE and Mojang both love building. Because of this, developers are adding new items and blocks. One of the most beautiful blocks is basalt. The texture is unique and has a lot of details. Users can apparently transform it into stairs, slabs, etc.

Now, it’s not uncommon to see a house built from polished basalt.

Blackstone is another decoration we must mention. It is naturally generated in Basalt Deltas with basalt itself. As aWHERE CAN I FIND SOUL SOIL?

It can be found in the Soul Sand Biome. result, you can turn it into something brilliant as well.

In addition, the game contains a wealth of new plants, wood, and other resources.

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The Soul Sand Biome is where it can be found.


In the Nether, you can now eat.


Lodestones and respawn anchors are present.

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