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For Android, you can download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free: several bug fixes, lots of improvements, and more.

How does MCPE differ from MCPE

With Java Edition, Mojang has made the game entirely the same as the original.

As a result, some features have been deleted, while others have been adjusted.

Additionally, the game’s performance has been enhanced in Minecraft PE, making it more enjoyable to play. All smartphones can now play Minecraft PE.


In the first place, the developers fixed terrible crashes since they were literally breaking the game. Several players reported losing their worlds due to unexpected errors.

A fix has been made in MCPE Ratings in Marketplace now appear correctly when scrolling.A wrong product’s representation could lead to another crash.

Meanwhile, Blue Wither Skull will again destroy obsidian blocks. Previously, he could be caged.

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Additionally, several animals have changed their behavior. For example, hostile mobs that feed on turtle eggs will now seek out and devour them much more quickly.

It’s important to remember that zombies, wolves, ocelots, and skeletons are the main threats to turtles in Minecraft PE

In addition, meat-fed wolves now have their heart points restored once again.

Meanwhile, Cured Zombie Villagers inherit their experience points as they should. In the past, they could not switch professions after being cured.


Ender Dragon Fireballs are causing too much damage to some users. The Nether Update adjusted the destruction caused by them.

Additionally, MCPE includes enhancements to blocks.

Ranged weapons now drop a minecart with a hopper when shot at a hopper minecart.

In a two by two grid, multiple Honey Blocks can now be crafted. Before, a workbench was needed.

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How does MCPE differ from previous versions?

Most of it is due to changes in parity.


The minor changes are intended to create parity between the Java Edition and the Bedrock Edition.