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You can download Minecraft PE Buzzy Bees for free on Android: this version should improve stability and ultimately make the game more enjoyable and smooth.

MCPE What’s the deal?

In order to provide the best possible experience for players across all platforms, the developers have been working hard. The Minecraft Bedrock Edition supports over a dozen platforms.

All of these platforms are unique to Mojang Studios, but at the same time equal. Thus, there might be some minor changes in the overall game.

You might find a creeper stuck in a window instead of numerous creatures spawning inside transparent blocks.

MCPE is about to change the way zombies appear in glass blocks. It was quite common in the past to see zombies in glass blocks.


Minecraft PE is a great update for users who are practicing with command blocks or working with instructions in the chat. There will be some changes in the beta version of Minecraft PE, according to Mojang Studios.

Using the setblock charge, you can now place beehives and nests with proper textures. That insignificant detail could have a detrimental effect on complicated mechanisms.

Honey bottles now have “Item” tags instead of “Nature” ones in MCPE

This update is sure to appeal to players who enjoy commands.


For some reason, some players reported wolves weren’t breeding. Technical issues prevented tamed dogs from moving towards each other.

As a result, Mojang Studios made it possible for puppies to appear once more in Minecraft PE Parrots are now always seated on the player’s shoulders in Minecraft PE

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Is there a way to make a honeycomb block in MCPE

In a crafting creed, you’ll need four honeycombs.


The answer is no, but you can breed it.


Pollen is collected and honey is produced for the players by them.