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Get Minecraft PE Buzzy Bees for free on Android: meet new mobs and build with new blocks.

How does MCPE differ from previous versions?

The BuYou hggggzzy Bees update was not announced by Mojang Studios, so it was quite unexpected and exciting to see those fluffy creatures.

We will now be able to play with honey bottles with the release of Minecraft PE

Also, the game has started working a little better.

It took developers a long time to create the new graphic engine called Render Dragon. Maybe it will improve the game’s future.

Performance wise, the previous versions were quite meager. However, Minecraft PE excels at it.


We’ll start with honey. It was added a few betas earlier, but now it’s blooming. It’s possible to stack honey bottles up to 16.

If you are going to collect honey from a bee nest, put a campfire under it first.

It is also possible to recycle a honey block for honey in MCPE Simply combine one honey block with four empty bottles.

By the way, its texture matches that of the Java Edition.


Crashing has always been and continues to be the greatest problem of Minecraft PE Since the game was launched, this problem has persisted.

In spite of this, the developers are still working on fixing this annoying issue. They have recently tried to fix the possible crash that could occur when a player opens a Character Creator.

In MCPE, Character Creator allows you to customize your character however you like.

You can once again obtain the “Body Guard” achievement. Users were prevented from fully enjoying the game due to a mistake.

Once again, it is possible to obtain the “Body Guard” achievement. A gormless error prevented users from enjoying their gameplay to its fullest.

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In MCPE, where do I see bees?

Near the flowers, you can find them!


On a nest of bees or a hive of bees, you have to use shears.


Your hunger points will be restored when you drink it.