Minecraft PE 1.13.0

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You can download Minecraft PE 1.13.0 Village & Pillage for free on Android: it has a lot of new blocks, items, and changes.

Can you tell me what happened in version 1.13.0 of MCPE?

I think Mojang Studios did a great job of improving and improving the game. For instance, in the game’s snowy tundras and taiga, foxes are now present.

The Minecraft PE 1.13.0 update also adds a variety of new blocks. The game’s performance has been improved as well.

As they see it, their sandbox survival game must be compatible with most low-performance devices.


The number of blocks under construction is over two dozen. The most notable is a dead coral. Corals were added to MCPE 1.13.0 by the Update Aquatic, but the dead ones were not. The texture of the dead ones clearly resembles that of a morbid corpse.

A light block can only be obtained in Creative mode by typing give. These blocks illuminate specific areas on the map, as their name suggests.

Light blocks will be useful for adventure map developers in Minecraft PE 1.13.

Minecraft PE 1.13.0


Also, timid foxes lurk in snowy biomes, creeping around players. Although they cannot be tamed, they can befriended.

If you feed the child several berries, they will finally trust you. If you run away from them cowardly, they will not follow you.

Brown mushrooms have also become popular. However, they aren’t readily available. Lightning only causes them to appear. Milking it will produce suspicious stew.


There are also new abandoned villagers that are excellent additions. The structure and architecture of these villagers have been modified in Minecraft PE 1.13.

There is also a new accomplishment. Whenever you give someone a suspicious stew, you get “Time for stew.” Overall, it’s a better game.

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In MCPE 1.13.0, what do foxes eat?

Berries are their favorite food.


Jumping on chickens is the method they use to hunt them.


You can use it to lead them.