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On Android, you can download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for free: foxes, tons of improvements, and more.

What is new in MCPE

Mojang Studios continues to improve Village & Pillage Update. It’s good to see fewer crashes this time since crashes can hinder progress. It is a new block, which is used by a structure block. It was one of the most widely reported issues. When some certain area is copied, all empty blocks are replaced.

You can see the borders of the zone through the structure block if you look through the void block.

Furthermore, some Android devices were unable to launch the game successfully due to their low power. Thanks to Minecraft PE, this has been fixed.

Minecraft PE


To begin with, foxes have been added to the game, making taigas even more unique. Under pines in MCPE, you can find these timid creatures.

A player’s relation to them may be described as fear. In fact, they dislike humans and will always run away from them. They are aloof and never like to be around people. However, you can easily become friendly with them.

Fortunately, they grow in snow biomes in Minecraft PE, so you don’t have to go far. Both of them will give birth to cub foxes once they are fed.

It will be this child who will not be afraid of you.


Teleporting between faraway places is a favorite or a necessity for some players. However, it hasn’t been possible lately. As a result of MCPE, users got trapped in walls and got turned around. The armor stands now display arrows correctly on their hands, among other problems. Helmets are also once again available.

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Is there a place in MCPE where I can find foxes?

The majority of them live in tundras and taigas.


You get one hunger point back if you eat one.

DO I have the ability to tame foxes?

Feeding them allows you to befriend them, but you cannot do that.