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The Minecraft PE Village & Pillage update for Android fixes tons of bugs and adds new features.

Features of MCPE

Village & Pillage’s second beta version mostly consists of small technology-related changes.

The crash cases in Minecraft PE have been eliminated by Mojang Studios. They could appear out of nowhere. If you ceased your multiplayer session, they would disappear.

An ocean monument loading caused another unexpected game termination. This could cause progress loss, which is quite disappointing.

There have been a number of crashes in MCPE, but the majority of them have been fixed


This version of Minecraft PE has one of the most significant innovations in addon making ever. Instead of just replacing blocks and items, creators can come up with whole new ones.

A feature like this allows creativity to flourish, allowing ordinary players to explore new possibilities. When you join a world, you can also disable the prompt that appears in the chat.

As a side note, MCPE drastically improves game performance. Flying on elytra in the End dimension has a drastic effect on the frame rate.

The problem was fixed successfully by Mojang Studios.


Since the release of Minecraft PE, a number of changes have been made. For example, recently added foxes no longer flee sneaking players. This is because they have realized there is nothing to be concerned about.

Moreover, you cannot tempt foxes with food any more. You can only tempt them with wild berries. Finally, some villagers are doing their jobs correctly. A few workers couldn’t find their way to their destination. MCPE also allows users to craft TNT from red sand.

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What are the steps I need to take to tame a fox in MCPE

It is impossible to tame.


Even foxes are timid creatures, but they aren’t impossible to sneak around.


Wild berries are their favorite food.