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For free, you can download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for Android: foxes, new blocks, and exciting features.

How does MCPE differ from previous versions?

Minecraft is all about raids and new settlements as Mojang Studios continues to work on the Village and Pillage Update. Additionally, there is new content as well.

Taiga biomes contain foxes, which are timid and jittery, but lovely and cute nonetheless. In addition, there are a lot of bugs that have been fixed.

As a whole, the game has just become better.

Minecraft PE


A new set of constructing blocks have been added to Creative, so players can have fun building. It appears that the new Void block is not available in Survival.

Structure blocks use void blocks to store empty space when they copy empty space. As a result, you cannot use them to build anything.

There is nothing tangible or visible about these blocks. In addition, they are only available when the Experimental Gameplay mode is enabled.


As of Minecraft PE, foxes roam the snowy taigas. They were voted the game’s Biome of the Year at Minecon Earth 2018.

Upon seeing a player, they scoot away. Regardless of whether you attack them, they will ignore you and flee.

While they hunt chickens, wolves and polar bears also prey on them. The game now has that small eco-system as well. Despite many players’ desire to tame them, you cannot. Providing them with berries and allowing them to have a child will prevent them from running away. This little cub won’t ever be afraid of you. In the game, you make friends with foxes that way. There are also some interface changes as well as enhancements to old blocks and mobs.

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Living in taigas is their way of life.


With the /give command, they can no longer be obtained.

What’s going on with the villager community?

Five levels are now available.

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