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You can now play Minecraft PE Village & Pillage on Android for free: the game has been changed, improved, and a few new blocks have been added.

How does MCPE differ from version

The Village and Pillage Update continues to be added to Minecraft by Mojang Studios. For instance, illager captains now drop their flags properly.

Their banners allow you to identify them easily. Killing them results in a “Bad Omen” effect. Raids can be started with this effect in Minecraft PE

You only have to enter any settlement with the effect on to begin the massacre. Upon entering the village, hordes of pillagers begin to slaughter everyone.

For some victims, iron golems are a blessing. MCPE presents them as friendly monstrosities that are eager to stop the invaders.

A huge improvement has been made to the game overall.

Minecraft PE

General enhancements

The game’s Java and Bedrock editions are still trying to be even. For this reason, they have redesigned the seagrass.

The autofill feature has been added to command blocks. This means that you no longer have to worry about syntax or grammar errors when entering commands in Minecraft PE

A command block also has a delay option. It is measured in common Redstone ticks.

It should be noted that the new-found structure block now has an outline when placed on the ground.


Additionally, new barrels added in the Village & Pillage update now have their own Creative inventory section in MCPE Previously, barrels were bound to chests. Mojang Studios also improved the cartography table and lectern UI. They have also made the GUIs easily editable.

There’s no doubt that the /particle command is the most significant addition to Minecraft PE

Map creators will use it primarily to make games.

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In version, what are the new blocks?

The camera is blocked.

What are the steps to getting a camera?

There is no point in getting one since it currently lacks functionality.


They heard something new.