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For free on Android, download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage: new mobs, blocks, and more.

How does MCPE differ from previous versions?

Mojang Studios strives to provide the best possible gaming experience. Numerous bugs and crashes were fixed during development. For example, the Realm world no longer freezes when a resource pack is applied. There is a possibility that the world will be lost. This bug won’t affect Minecraft PE

The game itself was not even able to be launched by some users.

Unexpectedly, it would stop without a point.


Aside from that, developers have done everything they can to increase MCPE’s Frames Per Second. A bug has been found in the interface as well.

The information on some Marketplace products overlapped, which caused confusion. This made it difficult for users to understand the information.

The Village & Pillage Update also included some VR tweaks from Mojang Studios. The VR helmet is all you need for a world-class VR experience.


Furthermore, players can no longer push TNT entities, so if it is lit, it will appear. This can cause your house to explode. Fortunately, TNT will not damage anything underwater. Another hideous issue was the recipe book. There were no recipes for armor, weapons, and tools in it.

It also fixes the problem of mobs dropping only damaged items in MCPE is possible to get a shovel that has been fully repaired.


In addition, marvelous dolphins are now following the players on boats. Feed them fish, and they will lead you to a buried treasure in Minecraft PE

In addition, the elytra wing animation has been fixed.

End gateways no longer spawn on the central obsidian platform.

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Only oceans support them.

Is there a place where I can see a fox?

In the taigas, these gingerly creatures can be found.

How does MCPE differ from previous versions?

A void block has been added to the game.