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Android 4.4
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With the first game starring the iconic plumber for mobile platforms, Super Mario Run, we walked around town for hours catching these creatures in Pokémon GO.

APK of Miitomo, however, had already given the Japanese company a taste of mobile gaming months earlier. Although we could play it, it wasn’t exactly a game. Instead, it was an application that integrated messaging and social networking to encourage communication between users.

Chatting with friends and contacts on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram won’t be as traditional and boring as it will be on other platforms.

Virtual avatars, or Miis, are used to carry out all communications, which can be created according to your own spitting image or with the personality and aspect you’ve always wanted.

How does Miitomo work?

Android users can download and install Miitomo from the Play Store, as well as iPhone users and Nintendo Switch users. You can then configure your virtual Mii as you would in The Sims, defining your physical characteristics and traits.

After answering some personal questions, everyone will be able to get a sense of your preferences, and you can then start communicating with your friends right away.

  1. You can make your avatar resemble a real person or make up its characteristics.
  2. Make a decision about its personality and how it speaks.
  3. Avatars can be created using the camera on your smartphone.
  4. Using the message sending and receiving functions, you can communicate with your friends.
  5. Make your Mii look his best by dressing him up in his own style and decorating his room.
  6. Make your character look good by purchasing objects and accessories.
  7. Using the Sidekick Mii function, you can create celebrities of your choice.
  8. Style Channels and Answer Channels are two examples of communication channels.
  9. Miitomo Drop, for example, is an entertaining mini-game.