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Introducing Metroid Fusion

 Nintendo released Super Metroid (1994) for Game Boy Advance in 2002. Additionally, this game won the 2002 Interactive Achievement Award for Game of the Year for its engaging gameplay. According to IGN and GameSpot, it is also one of the best GBA games.


As Samus Aran, a bounty hunter, and her team explore SR388, they are attacked by a parasite called X. During the parasitic attack, Samus lost consciousness, and the ship was destroyed as well. But a vaccine she took on the planet saved her, and she is now on a mission to eliminate the parasites. As asexual species in outer space, they are extremely dangerous if left unchecked.


A stage will be divided into several rooms separated by doors in Metroid Fusion. To complete the quest, you must explore all rooms and use weapons to defeat enemies. Additionally, you must solve a puzzle element in some rooms to progress.

It is during such a dangerous mission that you can find the pieces necessary to upgrade your power. The armor you have worn absorbs parasitic monsters to restore lost Health Points, ammo, and missiles.Unlike other sections of Metroid, this one does not have any side quests.


To continue this dangerous mission, you must download data from the stations and absorb Core-X in order to regain your power. When you begin the game, you have lost all your character’s abilities due to the Fusion Suit replacing her Power Suit.

With her weapon, she could fire any type of missile, including normal, ice, diffuse, etc. The same magazine holds both types of ammunition, so you lose ammunition no matter which type you use. Additionally, you carry Power Bombs, which are powerful weapons. Their damage and explosion range are enormous, almost covering the whole screen, but they can only be used once.


It is worth noting that the alien monsters in Metroid Fusion are very meticulously designed in 2D graphics. As a result, players have been drawn to the game.

GBA ROM download for Metroid Fusion

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