Tutorial Download dan Main Metal Slug X di Android!

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Metal Slug X is one of the most popular Playstation games today. The Metal Slug X game is one that should be included in most PS rentals during this time period.

This game can be played solo or with a partner. This week, penulis will share a tutorial that will show you how to play Metal Slug X on your Android device!

The emulator PlayStation bernama ePSXe must be used to play this game. Specifications that are required to run this application are also quite stringent mainly because all new smartphones can now run ePSXe. Here is the specification for ePSXe on Android!

Spesifikasi ePSXe Android

Minimum Spesifikasi 

  • A processor based on ARMv7 or X86;
  • The Gingerbread version of Android 2.3;
  • The RAM is 256 MB.

The Specifications of the Recommendation

  • ARMv7 or x86 chip;
  • At least Android 7.0 Nougat; at least Android 8.0 Oreo;
  • GPUs that support OpenGL;
  • The RAM is 512 MB;
  • You can choose between 16 and 32GB SD Cards.

It is possible to run the app on any Android device, whether it is an older model or a new model, if it has the RAM capacity. In the event that you have successfully built an application for ePSXe on Android, the next step is to install ePSXe on Android.

Cara Download ePSXe

As a first step, you need to install ePSXe from Google Play Store, and don’t forget to update the BIOS if you want to play PlayStation games in a more realistic manner.

If all files have been installed and are running in Android, you can then straight away install the file BIOS titled SCPH1001.bin that you recently downloaded to folder Internal/epsxe/bios. After you have identified the BIOS folder, you may enter or remove the file tersebut from there.

After adding ePSXe, you can launch the application and then choose to run the BIOS, and installing ePSXe will be easy. You will also need the ISO file for Metal Slug X if you intend to play the game. 

Cara Main dan Download Metal Slug X

When you have successfully installed ePSXe, all that remains is to download Metal Slug X. Here is information on how to download Metal Slug X.

You can install Metal Slug X. After you install it, you merely need to edit the file and run ePSXe to launch the ISO file. Because ePSXe will be reading the game from SD card, don’t hesitate to copy the Metal Slug X file to your SD card.

When you have successfully inserted your SD card, you can run the ePSXe application you previously downloaded and select the Play Game option. APK ePSXe will automatically analyze all ISO files on the SD Card, regardless of whether they contain games or not. 

After you have downloaded Metal Slug X, you can enjoy playing it for as long as you like, and don’t forget to enjoy! You may share these tips and tricks with your colleagues and friends if you find them useful.

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