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A lone agent who is now on their way to rescue their lover who was abducted by the Evil Villains Corporation. In order to complete Major Mayhem 2, you will have to go through all of it. This side-scrolling platformer takes its cues from the old school game Metal Slug. 

It’s likely that you are familiar with this name already. Due to the very positive response to part I, the publisher has decided to send this skilled agent on a second, even more perilous and challenging rescue operation.

Major Mayhem 2 will now be shown.

The plot of this video game is a work of fiction, and it centres on a secret agent and many villains. After the little conflict that kicks off the game, you’ll dive into some intriguing backstory.

You will play the role of the main character and attempt to solve the mystery, eliminate the evil leader, and save the lovely girl who has been abducted by them.

Get away, take cover, and fire!

In spite of the fact that it is a shooting game, Major Mayhem 2 boasts an entirely new gameplay system. The only things you need to focus on throughout this game are evading enemies, taking cover, and firing your weapon.

This time, the adversary is not a typical ninja; rather, it is mummies, aliens, and sophisticated technology, all working together. If you are struck by either the laser beam or the red bullet that the mummy fires, then there is a good chance that you will have to sacrifice yourself. 

Therefore, in order to successfully launch a counterattack, you must either be one step quicker than them or wait for the bullets to pass over before emerging from your hiding position.

If you want to rack up a lot of points, you need eliminate all of the adversaries you face and navigate deftly so as to dodge the laser beam and the bombs that fall from the sky. In order to escape being attacked, you will need to take cover behind some rocks or large trunks.


In Major Mayhem 2, you won’t only be able to stroll through the jungle as you did in the first game; instead, you’ll have to engage in combat with the adversary while driving, canoeing, and even flying helicopters. 

This will provide you with more difficulties than just running and shooting your weapon. Due to the fact that each level only lasts one to two minutes, this game is perfect for those who have a limited amount of spare time.

You may save your progress in the game and resume your adventure the next day or at any other time; there is no need to start again.

There are a total of fifty levels to complete.

There are fifty stages in the game, and in order to save your lady, you will have to battle nonstop till you go through them all. As a movie, a tale that is meant to be light entertainment will be presented to you.

Show off your prowess in battle by vanquishing all of the game’s bad guys and collecting more than 150 medals along the way.

The game’s control scheme has been adapted so that it can be played on mobile devices; as a result, all you need to concentrate on is directing the character; the rest of the gameplay is handled automatically by the game. 

The character may be readily controlled by you, but it will be incredibly challenging to emerge victorious. The review of the game states that it is not very difficult, but it does mention that the difficult parts of the game are hidden in some stages, where you must compete against a powerful boss.

armamentary apparatus

You will unlock more than 20 different weapons, including numerous machine guns, missiles, grenades, rifles, … to complete the vast weapons collection.

The developers of Major Mayhem 2 have promised its users that everything that is for sale in the game may be obtained for free by utilising the in-game currency rather than real-world cash.

Individual sentiments

When compared to the earlier edition, the visuals in this game have significant improvements that make them another strong selling point. The game has some adorable creatures with adorable designs.

The very gorgeous 3D graphics mixed with a large number of vivid colours provide a lot of unique and appealing.

Major Mayhem 2:

 MOD Feature 

Unlimited Money is available as an APK mod version.

You can get the Major Mayhem 2 APK and MOD file for Android here.

In general, Major Mayhem 2 is an excellent choice for a game to play over the holidays or on the weekend. I have high hopes that the second instalment of the game will enjoy even more acclaim than its predecessor achieved.

 At the moment, there are versions of the game available for both iOS and Android. Because I have waited for such a long time to play this game, I have no choice but to play it right now. If you like violent video games as much as I do, you can get Major Mayhem 2 on your mobile device by following the links below.